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Alpha 6.03.04 - Roles in 5 Man Dungeons

I don't know if this has been brought up, but last night i was in a dungeon and usually i never look at roles anymore, but i was on an alt and looked for the icons. I didn't see any.
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Scott will give you a clearer answer on this, I'm sure, but I'm pretty sure he just hasn't implemented all the little "extras" like raid-role icons as of yet. He's staying pretty busy nailing down the big picture stuff like uf's and memory management before he adds such things in.

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K, i thought he would probably say that. I saw a post about the blizzard raid not working and wondering if he went on to the little things now.
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Yeah -- the BLizz raid frames should have still been working. It bothers me a bit that they weren't and I'm trying to reproduce it. Aside from that, Voodoo is correct... I've purposely left out the bells and whistles so I can test the meat and potatoes on their own and make sure everything is rock solid there before I start piling on the condiments.

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Can ya pass the ketchup please?? :P

Keep up the the good work spiel and we look forward to a fully decked out nUI 6


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