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I turned Carbonite off, can't get it back on.

Sorry, I'll most likely be flamed. I checked the stickies and the FAQ page and couldn't find an answer. I turned carbonite off today because some of the chat functions weren't appearing to work (I was LFG in Dalaran for the weekly, I could only see 1 other person's text, Thrall server alliance). My question is a simple one, how do I turn carbonite back on? I went through the interface menu and couldn't find anything. I've even tried an uninstall and reinstall... nothing. Any help?
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How did you turn it off?

Normally, you turn addons on and off in the addons menu, which is accessed from a button on the lower left of the page where you choose which character you want to play. Or you can use something like Addon Control Panel, which is itself an addon. (/acp to access it).

If you can't get it back, try renaming the carbonite.lua and carbonite.lua.bak files in wtf/.../savevariables to some else. I use carbonite.old.lua and so on.

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