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nUI+ 5.2.26 build chat window problem

I have nUI+ 5.2.26 build with the following chat add ons enabled.

nUI_infopanel (guild chat)
nUI_infopanel (whispers)

These are the only two chat panel mods I have and my chat panels are moved every time I log in from thier default locations.

I get three errors in bug sack when I login.
One is for LibJostle 3.0 (which I've updated twice and is no help) for ChocolateBar.

The next error is for Tekticles showing a nil value

The last error is for chocolate bar also showing a nil value.

I've tried nUI+ with and without the chat mods and still have the same problem.

Any Ideas?
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Can you try following along the steps in this post and see if it sorts it out for you please: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...90&postcount=1

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Thanks for the prompt response. I read the page from the link and will work on it today and see what happens.
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I was having an error with LibJostle with ChocolateBar also. I downloaded the latest version of Bazooka (which had a newer version of LibJostle) and that got rid of the error. I still had problems after that with ChocolateBar randomly dropping LDB modules. I ended up replacing ChocolateBar with Bazooka.
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The shifting chat windows are a rare anomaly that is caused simply by the order events are executed. The event that the chat windows need to use to work can sometimes occur out of sequence with the infopanel initialisation event. Which one of them is shifting I don't know but I suspect the chat set up event. A reload of the UI will fix it though but I am at a loss to find an event that can be used to stop the main chat frame from shifting up like that. At least at the moment.

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