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Rep Bar

Hey, I know you are working on nUI6, here is something you might want to take into account.

The Reputation bar in the lower right corner will not update correctly. I tested this as of last night. If I put on a tabard and go into a Heroic instance the rep doesn't change and I don't get credit for whatever faction the tabard is for. If I remove the tabard, I only get Rep credit for whatever faction is currently listed in the bar. I am not sure if I can manually change the factions in the rep bar or not, but auto switching isn't working correctly, and auto switching to represent the tabards faction isn't working either. Thanks for the great UI!
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Hmm, the auto switching would only work, at least before, when you actually gained rep. It didn't switch when you equipped a tabard.

So, question 1, which tabard ? And question 2, which instance ? And finally question 3, what class/race combination ?

Perhaps this is a bug with the way the new tabards work ( if this is a new tabard ) or because of the new tabards the old tabards were affected.

I haven't run any dungeons myself the last 2 weeks so can't comment in either case but I do know it auto switches when I receive rep from questing on both my lowbies and my 80s.
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Rep Bar

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The tabard I tried was the new Darnnasus tabard, ebon hold, kirin tor, etc. All in Icecrown during a 5 man heroic. I was able to actually get ICC rep in the instance last night for the correct faction, however I was wearing a tabard for another faction.

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