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12-10-10, 09:49 PM   #1
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Enhancement shaman Spirit wolves

The pet bar does not show up when wolves are active. Our storm strike cool down is not always right I can cast it sometimes at 6 secs left. Other then that I'm in love with my NUI (pink floyd skin)
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Are you sure its the cooldown that you are seeing and not the debuff it causes ( assuming it causes a debuff ).

I'm not sure whether summoned temporary pets use the same pet bar as permanent ones but I would think so .. so maybe something else is affecting it .. taint perhaps ..
12-11-10, 05:15 AM   #3
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I have been experiencing the same issue with Spirit Wolves and the Pet Bar, it only appears to happen when in combat, otherwise it shows. Haven't tried the Ctrl-1 suggestion, and I keep forgetting to check BugSack for taint messages.

StormStrike is a cooldown, 6 secs I believe which I think also triggers the GCD but I'm not 100% sure anymore with the changes that have been made. There is also an inscription that removes the GCD, which maybe why you're seeing the issue.
12-11-10, 07:58 PM   #4
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I've noticed the same thing as the above, the pet bar does not seem to show while in combat when I have my wolves out.

With Enhancement Shamans the Feral Spirit spirit wolves are true pets and should use the normal pet bar. Unlike the true temp pets, the Fire and Earth Elementals, the Wolves allow you to set them to passive, aggressive, etc with the bar, so without the bar they may accidentally be stuck on aggressive or passive at the wrong time. They used to have a Spirit Walk(?) ability that would allow us to boost our running speed too but that seems gone.

With the Stormstrike ability I have also noted the above behaviour but I believe what it is doing is actually tracking the debuff on the target which makes them more susceptable to nature damage for X seconds, 12 I think.

Relatively new user of nUI+, but long time deep modder... I just can't seem to be happy with baseline UI.... :-P

I haven't seem any taint messages when I've called the Sprits Wolves, and my logs aren't showing any.
12-15-10, 10:55 PM   #5
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what language do my wolves speak

yea as far as the cool down on SS its a GCD (I'm retarded). But the pet bar is a problem my wolves never spawn my pet bar. control 1 only makes them attack the single target I'm on at that moment causing me to spam cnt1 cnt 1 lol.
12-16-10, 11:28 AM   #6
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if you remember the attacks...

Ctrl 1 Pet Attack (starts the first one on the left...)
Ctrl 2 - Pet Follow
Ctrl 3 - Pet Move To

Ctrl 4 - Spec Attack
Ctrl 5 - ''
Ctrl 6 - ''
Ctrl 7 - ''

Ctrl 8 - Aggresive
Ctrl 9 - Defensive
Ctrl 0 - Passive

ALSO You can find these key bindings in 'Game Menu' 'Key Bindings' then scroll down to Pet ACtion Bar, under the 'Action Bar' bindings...
Have fun, and remember WOW is just a game, for us to enjoy, and all the Addons we use.... remember the programmer is a human too, and MOST times, is doing this as a hobby, so give them time to have their life, so they can fix the addons, so we can have our WOW life.

Last edited by Blanckaert : 12-16-10 at 11:33 AM. Reason: Fixed the commands ;)
01-14-11, 09:40 PM   #7
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Yeah Shaman is my main and I need those dogs. I will use the commands for a while but I am afraid that if the bar issue isnt fixed my poor Shammy wont be using Nui, all my others will be!


01-14-11, 10:08 PM   #8
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All I can say is that my main is a Shaman too, and this little problem won't stop me from using nUI.

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