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Social_SCT programming help

(Fell like I posted at the correct place imo but if it's wrong just move it and notify me please :)

I have an addon called Social_SCT that stopped working 2-3 patches ago when they changed how addons work :) What the addon does is making all messages in whispers, party, raid and battleground (and ofc leaders) appear like SCT in the middle of the screen.
Anyway I'm looking for someone that knows how to program addons that maybe could get it working again. Also if someone recall the addon they maybe could tell me where I got it :P
I am NOT the author of the addon, according to the .toc file: ## Author: Mikkel ## Notes: Inspiret by Stephen Edward's Whisper Noob. Puts all recieved chat messages of the selected chat channels into scroling/floating combat text.##
This may be the wrong place to post but it's the best I could find :)
Thank you in advance :)

Social_SCT.lua --> http://codepad.org/602wmz7I
Social_SCT.xml --> http://codepad.org/xN5M68ib
Social_SCTOptions.xml --> http://codepad.org/woBq4IGj

Debug message provided through !Swatter.

Message: ..\AddOns\Social_SCT\Social_SCT.lua line 22:
attempt to index global 'this' (a nil value)
: ?
Social_SCT\Social_SCT.lua:22: OnLoad()
[string "*:OnLoad"]:1:
[string "*:OnLoad"]:1
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