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Coming back for cata ... are there any recommended 1366x768 compilations out there? Prefer things relatively clean and for what it's worth I'll be playing a dk and shaman primarily.

Thanks in advance =)
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If you search within both title and description (using the check boxes for the search box in the "ADDONS" dropdown menu or by going to Advanced Search" and use your resolution as the search terms, you should be able to find most all of the UIs which support your resolution. There are also those, such as nUI, which support *all* resolutions.

Going from there, you should be able to find something to your liking.
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Flying UI is a 1366 x 768 compilation I believe. I use the same screen size as you so I have some experience with this cursed laptop screen. All the Tuk UI edits will work on this resolution. Most 1920 x 1080 UI's wil work with a few movement tweaks
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