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03-12-13, 12:45 PM   #1
A Firelord
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Question Forum posts do not display correctly?

Maybe it's something on my system, but I don't what. Lately, when I read topics on Wow-Interface's forums (specifically for the Carbonite addon) the topics I read are no longer "greyed-out" after having read them. They remain 'Bold.'

This is happening also on another forum (zygor.com).

Is this an issue related to the way certain forums work, or is it possibly something in my browser settings, or whatever? Most other forums work properly, or at least, as expected; topics grey-out after reading them individually. That's important to me because it allows me to see what I've already read and which other topics I haven't read yet.

I'm using Internet Explorer version 9 on a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit OS (with all latest updates to everything).

The topics used to 'grey-out' (get lighter in color) after reading them, but now they don't. I'm wondering why.
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03-12-13, 01:38 PM   #2
local roygbi-
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Sounds like a cookie issue (and not the delicious kind of cookie). I haven't used IE in many eons, but it may be something with your Privacy settings, the Do Not Track option, or even your AV software.
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03-14-13, 08:25 AM   #3
A Firelord
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It's not an issue with cookies. I found out that IE has an option to "use Compatibility View" when certain websites have not been updated to be compatible with newer browser versions. By using that option, IE will view these out-of-date websites as compatible with older versions of IE. I made the change, and it's working fine now. And, I didn't have to delete and re-block over 200 cookie requests! LOL.

Thanks for your reply.
The issue is a webmaster issue.
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03-14-13, 01:54 PM   #4
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I'm not sure I agree. I sometimes browse the forums in Internet Explorer when I'm at work, and have never had an issue like the one you described. I've used IE 7? 8? on Windows XP, and IE 9/10 on Windows 7, without any problems, and I've never had to do anything with "compatibility mode" on this site or any other.

Also, having administered forum software in the past, I can tell you that the read status of posts is not stored in cookies. When the forum sends you a page of posts while you are logged in, it sets a flag in the database to indicate that those posts have already been "read" by your account.

In light of that, the problem you're describing sounds more like a caching issue -- you're not actually getting a "reloaded" version of the page, so you're still seeing the same version of the page you saw before you "read" the posts. I don't really know what IE's "compatibility mode" does, but it may stop the browser from caching pages for that site, or it may make the browser check for new versions of pages more often.
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Yeah we currently use the database for logged in users to track thread reads (it can be done by cookies to save database queries but we dont have that option enabled). Logged out users of course uses cookies though. It's working for me in all my browsers (Chrome, FF, Safari, IE9) so I'm guessing it may be some caching issue like phanx said? Do you have any browser addons like google cache enabled? It would have to be over riding the caching info we send in our headers because that is working properly too.

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