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A Murloc Raider
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Question Simple HUD

Sorry for posting here, but I am not able to find information on Simple HUD nor do I know the best forum to ask general questions.

Will someone please explain what the bars and pips represent in Simple HUD mode?

Thank you.
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A Molten Giant
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Meh. Scott used to have a bunch of pictures of the interface in various modes on the old nuiaddon website, but they aren't there on the new one, that I can find. Possibly because they need updating, or he's waiting for nUI6 to get out of alpha. Anyway, the simple hud bar is called the "health race" bar. It shows the health of your toon on the left, and the health of your target on the right. At start of combat, both toons at full health, the "pips" are at opposite ends of the bar. As each toon takes damage, his pip moves closer to the center. The center pip is relative health. It' s been a while, so I don't remember which way it moves, but basically if both toons have the same damage (relative to max health) it stays in the middle, and it moves one way or the other to show who's winning the fight. Play with it a while, you'll figure it out.
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A Murloc Raider
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Thanks Chmee!
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