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RDX 8.1.2 available

8.1.2 change log

Automatic switch:

The automatic switch of state (solo to party, to raid etc ...) has been disabled because of many complaints.
You have to manualy switch your state now. The state link has also been removed.

Layout Header Grid:

The new role bucket is available. You can group people by role (TANK, HEALER, DAMAGER, NONE).

Desktop Manager:

The windows list filter option is stored. So when you close and reopen it, the filter option is saved.
Package has a new metadata propertie: iscommon. When selected, the list of windows always appears in the desktop manager. The package WoWRDX is an example.
Add the close "x" button to the desktop manager.
Right click on the windows list to open the popup edit.

IDE fix:

There were some issue when enable/disable feature and enable Test/ disable Test feature, the feature was suddendly replace by an existing one. The problem is fixed.

Fix provided by Cripsii:

Modify the stack text of the status bar with texture icon.

Two fixs provided by sharonjl:
Conversion on kilo in a function
Outline monochrome on font pickup

Wizard tutorial:

The ingame tutorial has been fixed.

Action bar feature:

The option lock action bar in combat is now deprecated. You need to use the shift + drag to pickup a action spell from your action bar (like Blizzard).

Wizard tutorial:
Action bar button is fixed to 12 buttons.
I know, some of you will be angry, but really few people is really creating bar buttons different to 12.

Change the designer option
etc ...
You don't need to specify the number buttons.

The new SetFlyoutDirection option is available

Visibility and owner.
Owner of all action bars is now "Base". You are not able to modify that. I added some predefined visibility macro to all bars. You can of course use custom definition.

Variables Aura info feature:

A bug in the code of the variable aura info has been detected, the bug was generated a lot of memory usage.
Now it is fixed (Thanks Brainn)

Class Icon feature:

You can change the square texture by round texture.

Menu bar feature:

The possibility to display the menu bar on two or more rows.

New feature variable HasCooldownUsed:

Request fron taheen. return true if you have one cooldown.

New theme (Syla):
As you know, the last author of Spartan UI is leaving the game, without anyone taking back the maintenance.
Spartan UI is now maintained in RDX.

New theme (Qrund):
reborn UI Suite has been originally created by Sarcophilus, and all credits goes to him.
RDX manager

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