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Exclamation Quest Tracking

I was wondering if you guys would add in a quest tracking system that tracks what quests have been completed and note completed in a area to quest out that area. And make the quests only selectable for tacking if the right part of the quest chain is complete. but still show all the quests completed and not completed in that area. that will help out people trying to level or be a achievement junky. What does everyone else think about this please comment I'm curious...
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If you are using the Carbonite quest log, along the bottom are several buttons. You want the "History" button. If there is nothing on the page when you open it, just right click anywhere on the page and choose "Get Completed From Server" in the menu.

If you have your options set to not show quests out of the current zone you are in, you will have to have completed a quest in the current zone you are in when checking the history to see anything on the page.

You can also set the history page to show all completed quests by right clicking anywhere on the page and choosing "Show Quests From All Zones" in the menu.

To ensure that your quest history stays up to date, open Carbonites options to the "Quest" page and make sure there is a check mark for the "Update completed quest history on login (gets from server)" option. It's the last option under the "Quest options" subheading on that page.

You can also check what quests are available for your current zone on the "Database" page. Quests are listed by level and quests marked with a "0" (zero) are either seasonal or professions quests and the "Call to arms..." quests.
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