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A Murloc Raider
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Shaman nUI+ Help

Mine is a two part question,

1) On my shaman, the totem action bar literally overlaps over my main action bar, so i cant see/click the middle portion of my action bar, can i move the totem buttons?

2) On all my characters, in the lower right window, i only get a zone map, and battle log. It would seem im missing other windows? Is there supposed to be more then just the two options in the lower right window?
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A Cliff Giant
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Hi Reboot,

Try using the command /nui movers, then move the totem bar and /nui movers again to hide the movers.

For the second part, the InfoPanel will only the battle map and combat log unless you have HealBot plus nUI_InfoPanel_Healbot, Skada, Recount and/or Omen plus their related Stats or Dual Stats nUI Plugins or various other addons that nUI InfoPanel supports.

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A Murloc Raider
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I see I was not aware of the slash command for that, thank you.

Fir the second part, thank you for clearing that up, I was under the impression that it was built into the UI.

Thank you for the responce, and clearifing things up.

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