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Pick for 12/11: BetterExtraActionButton (new) & Will It Mog? (new)


If you have been working on the new raid dungeon, chances are that you have come across the new action button added to the UI for the Ultraxion and Madness of Deathwing fights. This button is aptly named ExtraActionButton1. If you use the default UI's action bars, or your action bar addon has not been updated yet to control this new button, then you may be wishing that you could move it. BetterExtraActionButton allows you to do just that! Right-clicking the button unlocks it so that you may drag it around your screen. You may even use the mousewheel to scale the button to your preferred size. Right-clicking again locks it into its new position. If you wish to move it prior to your raid encounter, there is a slash command provided to show the button's frame.

Send that pesky button to a better place! Download the addon here.

Will It Mog?

Have you won a roll on a sweet looking piece of gear and are now wondering if you can transmogrify your current item to look like that one? Will It Mog? places this information directly in the item's tooltip (the last 2 lines in the tooltip image above). The first of the two lines added displays whether or not the item can be transmogrified as well as if it can be used as the source of a transmogrification. (If it were the item above that you won in our example, you would not be able to make your current axe look like it.) The second line in the tooltip above is only added if you have Will It Mog?'s verbose mode enabled, which displays the reason why the item cannot be transmogrified or used as a source.

Know before you go! Get your transmogrification information right in your tooltip by using this addon.

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Are you the author of a mod that you think belongs in this spotlight? Just upload/update it to WoWInterface, and it will automatically be considered for that week's Pick.
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