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[Requst] Items that start Quests

I trying to figure out how to make an AddOn but every tutorial I've tried ends up giving me a headache when nothing works!

So I need someone that can make an AddOn for 3.3.5a. I have my reasons for wanting 3.3.5a compatible.

I'm just shocked that this kind of AddOn has NOT been made yet... One would think it would be a helpful one!

Items that Start Quests Idea...
I would like the main UI window to be exactly like that of the default Blizzard Quest Log window but with Tabs along the bottom like those of the Character window.

I want the UI to be basic WoW elements please. No custom images. I like the Blizz Default, crazy I know but hey.

The Tabs along the bottom of the window would be:
[Eastern Kingdoms] [Kalimdor] [Outland] [Northrend] [Instances] [Old and Legendary]
(I have my reasons for wanting [Old and Legendary])

When [Eastern Kingdoms] tab is selected it will display each area that have Items that Start Quests in a tree system like the Quest Logs.

For Example:

[Eastern Kingdoms] Tab Selected

Data Displayed on the LEFT SIDE:
  • Multiple Areas in Eastern Kingdoms
    • Pendant of Myzrael
  • Alterac Mountains
    • Ensorcelled Parchment
  • Arathi Highlands
    • Waterlogged Envelope
  • Badlands
    • Shattered Necklace

Data Displayed on the RIGHT SIDE: (Things with * in front are not actually displayed on the page, used for Layout)

*Page Title:
Pendant of Myzrael
*Clickable Item LINK that can be sent to /s

Which Faction can use:
*Alliance, Horde, or Both.
Both sides can use this item.

Known Drop Areas:
Alterac Mountains
Arathi Highlands

Known Mobs that can drop:
*Mobs are listed based on Drop % info on Wowhead!
Syndicate Assassin
Syndicate Conjuror
Syndicate Footpad
Syndicate Magus
Syndicate Pathstalker

ALL Information is to be taken from old.wowhead.com to make sure it is compatible with 3.3.5a!
Any assistance in either making this for me or helping me figure it out would be helpful.

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Originally Posted by Raszagal View Post
So I need someone that can make an AddOn for 3.3.5a. I have my reasons for wanting 3.3.5a compatible.
The only reason why anyone would want something that is 3.3.5a compatible would be they are using a private server. Discussion of Private Servers, in any manner other than theoretical, is completely against our rules. We are an Official Fan Site. We follow Blizzard's rules, on top of our own rules.

Threads requesting assistance with Private Servers get locked. Repeated postings get you banned.
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