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feral druid pvp macro help

hello im new to pvping. i was wondering if it is possible to create a single macro that can i can spam to cast my rotation.

here is a list of the rotation i would like to try out.

1. prowl
2. pounce
3. rake
4,5,6,7. mangle
8. rip or feroicious bite

im not so great at having so many different buttons to do different things. thats why i was hoping i could make it a bit more simple with just 1 button.

and yes i know i wouldnt be doing as much dps as i could do but this is just to get me started and learning some pvp.

my goal is to get into 2v2 with my friend.

can anyone help me out?
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Not really possible, unless you want to be the worst druid ever to the point where you are worse than useless on a team.

If you don't like having to pay attention to anything, you should probably play a different class or spec. You could probably one-button a mage or elemental shaman much better than a feral druid, though you're really not going to be able to do anything very well with a one-button macro.

If you really want to stick with feral cat druid, you will just have to get used to pressing/clicking multiple buttons. One thing that might help would be to put the abilities on your action bar in the order you want to use them. If you're a clicker, you can just click, move the mouse, click, move the mouse... though clicking is pretty horrible and you should try to break that habit too. If you're a keybinder, you can simply press 1, then 2, etc:

[Prowl] [Pounce] [Mangle] [Rip] [Ferocious Bite]

You should also make sure you can easily see your combo points on your target (a macro cannot check combo points and choose an action based on that information), and your debuffs on your target (so you don't keep using Rip if it's already up with lots of time remaining, since a macro can't check that either).

You can use addons to make this information (and the action buttons) very large and in the middle of the screen so it's easy to see at a glance. The default UI is terrible for feral druids, or any other class that needs to be aware of procs and debuffs.
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