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04-28-12, 10:44 AM   #1
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I was having trouble displaying skada so I disabled it and turned on the Recount addon but it is not displaying on my screen where skada was with the minimap and combat log . How do I control what is displayed there so i can display recount or put Skada back on there.
04-28-12, 11:19 AM   #2
A Cyclonian
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I have the Recount working now with the Infopanel added but Skada is still not displaying therefore i believe the problem is with Skada or Blizz thanks for any info provided after this post
04-29-12, 07:43 AM   #3
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How did you get Recount to show?

Been going utterly insane trying to get that to work, And i can't get Omen to show up either, only getting the threat sound...

I've found 2 infopanels for both omen and recount that should show them but neither of them does anything...

/edit: No nevermind i'm just being stupid.

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05-01-12, 05:59 AM   #4
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I don't think you can show Skada and Recount at the same time in the infopanel. Since Skada has the functionality of Omen and Recount, they are probably coded to be mutually exclusive. You can either have Skada or the Omen/Recount combination.

05-01-12, 07:44 AM   #5
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I suspect that the code in the nUI "Stats" and "Dual Stats" modules overrides the default skada display to display Omen and Recount, but i haven't looked.

My understanding of the functionality is that by default, Skada wil be displayed if you have Skada installed. If you install the "Stats" or "Dual Stats" modules, Skada will not be displayed in the info panel even if it's installed; Omen and Recount will be displayed if they are installed. If you don't install Skada, or Recount, or Omen, it will not be displayed (I seem to remember a thread some time ago where someone was having problems getting one or more of these to display *it turned out he didn't install them).
05-01-12, 02:24 PM   #6
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Since Skada is technically Omen and Recount in one, as in both a dps meter and threat monitor, there technically isn't a need to have both. However, I am sure you can have Omen and Recount together with either dual stats or stats plugin to get them swapping or side by side in one window and have skada display in its own window with its 2 predefined nUI windows for threat and dps. All three addons however have their base infopanels built into nUI so you don't need to have any nUI plugins to get them to work individually as infopanels, just the addons themselves.


nUI + Skada = Skada Infopanel
nUI + Omen = Omen Infopanel
nUI + Omen + Recount = Omen Infopanel and Recount Infopanel
nUI + Skada + Omen + Recount = Omen, Recount and Skada infopanels
nUI + Omen + Recount + Dual Stats Plugin = Omen and Recount combined infopanel with an auto toggle
nUI + Omen + Recount + Stats Plugin = Omen and Recount combined infopanel with them side by side

The Dual Stats and Stats should only be affecting Omen and Recount unless Scott added functionality to them to work with Skada as well but I don't recall any notes to that effect.

To confirm that omen, recount and skada are working properly just test their own toggle display options in case they have somehow been turned off from displaying. I can't recall the commands myself but usually its some sort of slash command for show or toggle etc.

Also, bear in mind that if you have any of my recount/omen/decursive plugins these again would effect the omen/recount display. You can only have 1 omen and 1 recount and 1 decursive on screen at any one time. So, if you have more than one addon that is trying to display it the last or possibly first will win out. So if it doesn't display in one check the others. I am sure though that my plugins disable any conflicting ones if it would mess things up. Such as turn off the omen infopanel if it is the omen/decurse plugin and the recount infopanel if it is the recount/decurse plugin.

So if you want omen/recount and decurse on screen at the same time your best option is to use the stats plugin and have the decurse addon somewhere else on screen.

Of course this doesn't explain the skada issue as none of these should affect them which is strange. So my suggestion above to check if it has turned off the display for some reason is the only thing I can think of for the moment.
05-08-12, 04:14 PM   #7
A Cyclonian
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Skada doesn't display

Thanks for all the input you guys have offered.The thing is that Skada all of sudden stopped displaying the other's work fine recount/omen/minimap and all but for some reason skada doesnt display anymore i have now gone to using the recount/omen addons and they work perfect I just like skada a bit more and was wondering if anyone else was having a problem displaying skada.

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