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Taking over an abandoned addon - Auditor

(I couldn't seem to find information on this elsewhere on the site so I'm hoping this is the right place to put it.)

The Auditor addon hasn't been updated in over a year and a half, yet it's still quite a popular one to have. At least I know I've been using it this whole time. So I was wondering if it was possible to take over the maintenance of it and how would I go about doing that.

I've tried contacting the addon developer Alarisha through the PM system here, Curse PM, and direct email to get her approval but I've gotten no response so far. I'm also trying to take over maintenance of it on the Curse site. Here are links to my clone repository and the ticket I submitted on Curseforge. I intend to give Alarisha every credit for the addon, I'm just hoping to keep it up-to-date for everyone.

So if someone could let me know what steps I should take, I'd be happy to do them.
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Hi faeldray,

I just looked at it and it is ARR (all rights reserved) so there isn't actually any way for you to take it over unless you can get permission from the author. Sorry.

You can, however, upload your files as a patch to it. Go to the addon, click on "other files" then use "upload optional patch".
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I've also explained the same thing in the ticket before closing it. Sorry. :/
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Your other option would be to write a new addon from scratch. It can have the same features as Auditor, but you would need to write your own code (eg. not just copy and paste) to avoid infringing on the author's copyright. If you're familiar enough with WoW Lua programming to feel comfortable assuming responsibility for fixing the addon and keeping it up to date, you should be able to write a similar addon from scratch. You'll find many people around here who are willing to help you if you get stuck or have questions.
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