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Need / Greed Issue

Hi Guys,

Want to say you doing a great job with this interface and I'm addicted to it. Been using it now for nearly 3 years. But today I was PISSED!!!! I browsed the forums and saw the known issue's like (party, green blocks on calender etc etc). Those don't bother me, but today I was on a Zul'Aman run been hunting that mount for ages..doing awesome dps BUT I couldn't (roll issue)need or greed on anything and u guessed it I saw the mount escape my clutches yet again.

Is this issue already known to you guys and where can I find a solution for it..or if not can you please look into it. May'be it's linked with the party bug but all I know is it's annoying.

Also is the DF special button solved?

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Saw a thread about this too at the beginning of the year going to try disabling/enabling the addons.

I think I might know what is causing this is I can remember correctly I didn't have this issue on thursday when I raided. My guess is that POSTAL is causing this.

Will give feedback
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There is a thread in the nUI forums regarding the loot windows being covered up I think by a bag addon of some sort. By default the loot frames are in the main hud area of the screen and the only known problem is if the dead corpse is underneath it on the screen and simply involves turning around so that nothing clickable is underneath the loot frames.

The action bar problem for the darkmoon we won't be able to look into properly until friday as that is when it hits our servers. What I would like to know is if the problem existed at darkmoon before 5.0.4 hit or is it a new problem? This would help us identify where the culprit could be as the extraactionbutton1 problem was pervalent for a few addons and people were resorted to macros until the cause could be accounted for.

However 5.0.4 did bring about changes to the actionbar system with a new frame called overridebar which decides which frame to display under certain conditions. Unfortunately the blizzard lua code we have access to doesn't let us know which bar would appear under which conditions. I did as many tests as I could personally do while doing the big patch update while Scott was incommunicado but there is only so much a non raider/dungeon runner can do.

Bear in mind without seeing the problem it is hard to identify the cause. I fixed all the errors that occurred and made sure the main game play bars appeared as expected including the special power bars and vehicle bar but these special ones that don't happen under solo conditions make it hard to fix. For curiosity alone I want to look into it the moment I can.

And thanks for any feedback you can give on the postal issue.
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I tested this and I found the Problem being OneBag3 and OneBank3. I'm not sure if other addons can cause similar problems, though i haven't found any, If you have those addons try disabling them. I can tell you that Ark Inventory does work and doesn't hide the roll frames.
09-04-12, 03:46 PM   #5
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nexttarget is right..it is one bank/bag

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