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Higher Latency


I have found that when I use the new Carbonite ver 5.041 together with the Autioneer only from the autioneersuite ver 5.14.5335 I get a much higher latency than when I use Carbonite ver 4.301 with Rythal's carbonite-mop-50407 installed over it (Also together with auctioneer). The difference in latency is about 100 ms.

Is it possible someone else can check and confirm this. I have done the test 3 times with both addons, quitting wow fully everytime. The result is exactly the same every time.

My normal latency is about 220 ms with Rythals Carbonite version and with the new Carbonite it pushes it up to 335 ms.

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Latency and Errors

Exact same thing is happening to me .. i have the new auctioneer as well .. and never had any problems running both.

also another thing that is happening since the new carbonite update for me is when i accept a quest . or complete one .. the quest box stays up and is black and i have to manually close the box .. never happened before .. and .. i turned on my display lua errors and getting alot from cabonite as well
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You can try the solutions for several errors posted Here (they're in the first post in the thread), or you can just install Rythall's latest patch which you can find a link to Here (you'll have to copy-n-paste the link into your browser).
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