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raid buffs

first, i would like to mention i have been a long time NUI user and appreciate the time and effort that has been put in to keeping it up to date by all those involved.

i have followed the issues through the bug report threads and following updates, again kudos to doing a great job.

i am curious about one thing, while in raid the raid buffs do not show next to the minimap as they would on the default ui. all buffs are shown on the individual, as normal, but i can't find a way to check which buffs are not in place. i know, there aren't that many buffs to track anymore and i should be able to know which ones are lacking by just looking at what i have.

but, as a raid leader, it's just nice to know what has not been applied. atm, i am using another addon to take care of this, but figured i must be missing something in NUI. i figure the info is there, i am just not bright enough to figure out where...especially since i have not seen this noted anywhere else.

thanks in advance
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Can you perhaps give an example of what you mean. Maybe post a screenshot of the other addon in action.
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I think he's asking for the Blizzard-like listing of the *name* of each buff in a column.

Isn't this the old problem that requires (or required? I still use it...) us to use AuraButtons?

Some time back, Blizz changed the API/protection for buff icons in a way that broke whatever nUI was originally coded to do, and rather than re-coding it in nUI5, nUI6 was supposed to be the eventual solution.
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Possibly, but it seemed like it was something specific was missing rather than a visual awareness.

So, yeah. By default we have the aura lists that show an image and the name but I you download h aura plugin you get the buttons..

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