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Powerbars and nUI

I realize 5.x is dead except for the updates that Xrystal has made (thank you VERY much!) but this may be pertinent to 6.0 and you may wish to test this. (I also realize that 6.0 is a complete rewrite so this may not apply.)

I'd like to move the powerbars (such as the Paladin Holy Power bar) to a less obtrusive location on the screen so I tried to use MoveAnything to move the bar. Unfortunately, in trying to move the bar I've found two problems.

First, nUI keeps MoveAnything from moving anything. I bring up MoveAnything and the resizing window appears over the bar but when I move it, it moves the window but not the bar itself. In order to get MoveAnything to work, I have to disable nUI.

This brings me to the second problem. nUI seems to change the coordinate scale. I want to move the powerbar over to the far right just above the bag bar. With nUI disabled I move the powerbar to the approximate location where I want the bar to appear when nUI is active and when I re-enable nUI the powerbar off the screen vertically. I disable nUI again, move the powerbar to the an approximate location based on this quirk and I find that I have to move the powerbar almost completely off the screen to the right to appear somewhat near the bag bar but it's still way to the left of where I want it to go.

Is this some conflict between nUI and MoveAnything or is WoW 5.0 causing the difficulty?
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If I read you correctly, the / command

/nui movers

should allow you to move the powerbar. Small problem is that there are some overlapping.. "movers" to eh.. move, you'll understand what I mean.
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Thanks, the movers worked. I had forgotten about that feature. But you were right about the overlapping problem. The Top PetBattle Frame was covering most stuff. I had to move it aside to move the bar and then right-click to restore it to its original location.
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Yep its annoying but Im not sure how Scott layers the movers and that frame for some reason takes up the whole screen. Would have been better if it was split into top and bottom as I initially though it was haha.
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A minor annoyance to be sure. I have no idea if MoP and 6.0 will change that or not. I do look forward to the new version.
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That top pet battle frame mover annoys me, too... gonna have to fix that for sure.

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