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Tom-Tom Emulation Problem?

Had a problem with the latest (5.056) Carbonite and WowPro (2.3.6a). When I upgraded to carb 5.056, I started having problems with the "crazy arrow" (which I think carbonite calls the hud). First problem: the hud disappeared. Second problem: I kept getting the same error on every reload: WowPro could not find "Astrolabe-1.0", which is a library Tom-Tom uses. So I disabled everything except WowPro, and installed Tom-Tom. Problem went away. So I reactivated Carbonite. Still no error messages, but WoWPro's "breadcrumb" trails for quests no longer appear on the Carbonite map. Not sure why that is, but perhaps it's because the trails are (or rather, were) actually placed by Carb's Tom-Tom emulator. Anyway, the combination (carb+tom-tom+wowpro) is usable, where it was not without tom-tom, but I still miss the breadcrumb trails. BTW, the quests concerned are out of booty bay (the "fight the bloodsail" chain) and they are in carb's database.

I posted a message on the wowpro forums, but that was before it occurred to me the problem might be in Carbonite.

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