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Requesting PVP addon packs

any suggestions? looking for a simple PVP UI or addon packs. thanks
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PVP Add-ons

I might not know of any Add-on Packs, but here the best set-up I use.

Dominos: For Display Purposes, you can hide the resst of your actionbars and make a CD only bar with a minimum amount of icons. (Assuming you dont click) >.<

Doom Cooldown Pulse: To track your important CD's its a must have for PvP. It'll pulse the CD for 2 secs iin the middle of screen.

Afflicted 3: For tracking other classes CD's such as counterspell, Death Grip, Kick Etc

DOT timer: For tracking the remaining durations for your own + the enemies DOT's

These are just the basics, there are others such as powa auras and gladius and such. If you need something specific just let me know.

Cheers - Hope This helps a little
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You can also get these addons from here:

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