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Why so many bugs in the new beta?

Just in case people are curious what's changed and why it's falling down around my ears

as has been mentioned before, carbonite has 3 main arrays that hold all the information about every zone and map

Microdungeons never worked because they wern't in any of the arrays... and there is over 100 microdungeons (or so i've been told) and adding each and every one would of been a huge pain in the ass... and really very inefficient, so the first change brought in was to detect when your in a microdungeon and change the map, all of it is autogenerated and done as you enter the microdungeon the first time so it's using less memory and works without ever having to do anything to the code again moving forward no matter how many blizzard adds or removes.

Instances have been moved to the same format, they get generated now when you zone into one instead of being held constantly in memory.

Scenarios broke really badly when I made those changes since scenarios are like a combo, both a microdungeon and an instance but didn't detect properly as either one, so I had to write new sections of the code to force scenarios to report themselves as instances, which worked until I discovered vehicles were drawing at world size instead of instance size and covered the entire map, so they had to changed to detect if your in an instance or not... and that's where I left off at 3am this morning before I uploaded the 5.1.0 beta.
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2/3 aint bad!

Awesome work on having the instances and microdungeons autodetect, that is really going to help with how fast Blizz are pushing out new content!

Great work, bring on the bugs! Id rather have buggy betas with new content and ideas than a stagnant/outdated addon!!

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