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No Quest Overlay on Map

All I'm seeing on my map are the "anchor" icons for my watched quests. No overlays since I had updated from this website. All my settings are the same as prior, so I haven't changed anything.

This is what I have currently.

Instead of the default:

EDIT: I noticed the "quest blob" feature, but this isn't what I'm talking about.

I have searched every nook and cranny of the forums here, and on Google, but it seems like no one else is having this issue. I had every addon turned off and on but it persists. Triple-checked my settings and even did a clean delete Saveds and reinstalled.

A jar full of snickerdoodles to anyone who could help with this ridiculous issue (I haven't had any issues with anything else related to this awesome addon, though)!

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For now the third image you posted is correct, the blue "blob" that appeared on the map is all we have until I get the quest system redone and updated.

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