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Auto-buff addon

Hey guys,

I'm somewhat limited on keybinds, playing Elemental shaman and having to bring a variety of utility spells, I use the same binds setup for both PvE and PvP so it's a bit cluttered.

I'm looking for an addon that auto-casts Lightning Shield every time I anhk, in the same global, without me having to keybind it and press it as I anhk (wasting time getting back into DPS). Currently I have it bound to Ctrl-3, but it's a pain in the ass.

I found a bunch of old addons that haven't been updated, such as AutoBuff from TBC, but nothing that does this kind of thing. It would be useful if everytime I don't have Lightning Shield and a weapon buff applied, it auto-casts a default pair of buffs (not just when I anhk), but on-rez is the important part.

Anyone know of one?
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Addons can't auto-cast something for you. That's automation. If the spell you want is off the global cooldown (using it doesn't cause everything to go on cooldown for 1-1.5 seconds) then you can just attach it to something else in a macro.

But... for you... You need a buff reminder addon. Some of them will bind what needs to be cast to the mousewheel, and cast each spell as you spin it. Out of combat, of course. Here are a few to look at. (I use Cork, but used to use SmartBuff years ago.)

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