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Yet another chime on the quest database issue. Trying to separate quests into groups can be difficult. Mentioned here was quests by expansion, but of course there are also quests by zone, and others. However, the lines blur when you have to consider where quests start and where the end for zones, or whether a quest from an earlier expansion is involved in a later one (as a prerequisite for example). These types of separation can prove difficult depending on what you are trying to provide for the user. From my experience, a full quest database is large, but using up 20 meg of RAM is nothing compared to the FPS suck that can happen with other things. As long as the FPS that Carbonite uses are kept to a minimum, having a large quest database should not be a problem, so keeping all the data together would be easier to maintain and complicate interaction with the data less. With lower maintenance, it is more likely the author will be able to do more things. :-)
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Fine by me.

More and more people are using 64-bit machines these days, and if they are, WoW runs as a 64-bit executable... meaning it no longer has the 2G limitation on process space.

Looking at my own right now, even with all addons loaded, the entire process takes up only 1.2G. My web browser actually takes more (curse you tabbed interface!).
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I'm doing it by level range... 0, 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 etc etc .... if your level 70 working away in wrath, you dont' need 85-90 yet, nor do you still need the starter zones.

But it's entirely optional, i'm not doing auto loading and leaving it to the user which they want or don't.

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