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Actionbuttons vanish!

I just experienced today in Draktharon Keep on my alt, that at last boss when you get turned into a skeleton the actionbar/buttons for that phase are gone, the bar itself is there but no buttons, and they keep being gone after the encounter.

havent experienced it before and i have been using nUI+ for quite a while.

i have checked that im not by mistake are shifting the bar's so i know its not that
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Is there supposed to be a special action bar for this encounter?

nUI5 I presume and not nUI6?

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Yes, at this point in the fight it changes you to a skeleton and replaces your action buttons with ones to suit the new form you have.

this is probably one of those times where it is not a vehicle but acts like one with special actions etc. Kinda like the Jade Cart quest ( is a vehicle but no special abilities to add ) and I think at least one other instance boss if memory serves.

I think you have to use the possessbar to make it work but its one of those hard to test scenarios. Unless I have a toon that can solo her way all the way through the instance to test it out rofl. I know pallys are good but i doubt my girl is quite that good .. even at 87.
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I don't suppose this is the same or related to the "dismount" button missing or not working during cloud serpent race quests? (I just got to this quest line today)
Every time I do a new quest in the line, I have to do /nui rl to make the button re-appear.
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A tip for when the dismount button does NOT work for you, if you have _NOT_ changed some of the Default Key Bindings....

If you press the '5' key ON the NUMPAD! not across the top, it will Dismount you....

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