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I was unable at this time to update the Horde icons in Northrend; my char can't fly there yet. The rest of them are as accurate as I could place them. I checked every FlightMaster location in the game. Let me know if you encounter any mistakes.

I added a few comments within it, but you'll need to use the "Notepad++" editor to view them (and the lua code itself, properly).
--- Find it here: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v6.4.3.html

Also, if you're going to use this, rename the file by removing the word and the hyphen ("UPDATED -") from the beginning of the filename.
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Found an error in the FM list

I was looking through my list and noticed an error in the ORIGINAL list of FM's. There's a duplicate flight path which has strange values in it. Consequently, while I was typing I made a mistake and changed those original values. Fatigue, I guess?

The game uses and displays the flight path values correctly (in the beta version I submitted), even with the duplicate and its mistakes.

It's easier to show a picture to explain the confusion:

-- I need to know if I should delete the "duplicate" original line of code which seems to have the wrong zone and location values listed in it. I have no idea why it was there originally; I don't know which zone and where it's pointing to?

I'm also curious to know if anybody has found other mistakes which I can correct?
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[806] is Jade forest, [807] is Valley of the four winds...

I'd say it's safe to delete the [806] entry.. Looks like a duplicate to me.
Although, in the version that I have (your file) it's just a duplicate, not a different zone..
Well spotted!
You can find the zones by looking at the zones.lua in the carbonite/data directory..

*edit, I'll test your file today and let you know the outcome... Been offline for most of this week.
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I've restored the format and removed the annotations to the file..
No problems so far..

Lua Code:
  1. Nx.GuideData ["Flight Master"] = {
  2.     ["Mode"] = 30
  3. }
  5. local FLIGHT_DATA = {
  6.     ["1,101,37.43,71.60"]="Thargad's Camp, Desolace",
  7.     ["1,101,64.6,10.5"]="Nijel's Point, Desolace",
  8.     ["1,121,46.7,45.3"]="Feathermoon, Feralas",
  9.     ["1,121,50.2,16.7"]="Dreamer's Rest, Feralas",
  10.     ["1,121,57.03,53.89"]="Tower of Estulan, Feralas",
  11.     ["1,121,77.23,56.77"]="Shadebough, Feralas",
  12.     ["1,141,67.46,50.40"]="Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh",
  13.     ["1,161,40.09,77.43"]="Gunstan's Dig, Tanaris",
  14.     ["1,161,51.38,29.43"]="Gadgetzan, Tanaris",
  15.     ["1,182,60.5,25.3"]="Talonbranch Glade, Felwood",
  16.     ["1,241,44.28,45.34"]="Nighthaven, Moonglade",
  17.     ["1,241,47.91,67.11"]="Moonglade",
  18.     ["1,261,54.49,33.35"]="Cenarion Hold, Silithus",
  19.     ["1,281,60.99,49.71"]="Everlook, Winterspring",
  20.     ["1,381,36.72,48.27"]="Darnassus, Teldrassil",
  21.     ["1,41,55.39,88.45"]="Rut'theran Village, Teldrassil",
  22.     ["1,41,55.45,50.42"]="Dolanaar, Teldrassil",
  23.     ["1,42,44.3,75.4"]="Grove of the Ancients, Darkshore",
  24.     ["1,42,51.72,19.70"]="Lor'danel, Darkshore",
  25.     ["1,43,18.14,20.62"]="Blackfathom Camp, Ashenvale",
  26.     ["1,43,34.4,48.0"]="Astranaar, Ashenvale",
  27.     ["1,43,35.0,72.0"]="Stardust Spire, Ashenvale",
  28.     ["1,43,85.0,43.4"]="Forest Song, Ashenvale",
  29.     ["1,464,49.7,49.1"]="Azure Watch, Azuremyst Isle",
  30.     ["1,471,54.39,36.59"]="The Exodar",
  31.     ["1,476,57.61,54.02"]="Blood Watch, Bloodmyst Isle",
  32.     ["1,607,38.9,10.8"]="Honor's Stand, Southern Barrens",
  33.     ["1,607,49.14,67.88"]="Fort Triumph, Southern Barrens",
  34.     ["1,607,66.35,47.12"]="Northwatch Hold, Southern Barrens",
  35.     ["1,81,32.0,61.8"]="Farwatcher's Glen, Stonetalon Mountains",
  36.     ["1,81,40.1,31.9"]="Thal'darah Overlook, Stonetalon Mountains",
  37.     ["1,81,48.6,51.5"]="Mirkfallon Post, Stonetalon Mountains",
  38.     ["1,81,58.80,54.30"]="Windshear Hold, Stonetalon Mountains",
  39.     ["1,81,70.91,80.50"]="Northwatch Expedition Base Camp, Stonetalon Mountains",
  40.     ["1,16,39.92,47.39"]="Refuge Pointe, Arathi",
  41.     ["1,17,22.48,58.60"]="Dragon's Mouth, Badlands",
  42.     ["1,17,48.82,36.17"]="Dustwind Dig, Badlands",
  43.     ["1,19,46.31,88.72"]="Surwich, Blasted Lands",
  44.     ["1,19,61.21,20.16"]="Nethergarde Keep, Blasted Lands",
  45.     ["1,22,39.50,69.50"]="Andorhal, Western Plaguelands",
  46.     ["1,22,42.25,83.45"]="Chillwind Camp, Western Plaguelands",
  47.     ["1,23,75.74,53.32"]="Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands",
  48.     ["1,26,11.11,47.09"]="Aerie Peak, The Hinterlands",
  49.     ["1,26,66.42,44.67"]="Stormfeather Outpost, The Hinterlands",
  50.     ["1,27,54.44,52.66"]="Kharanos, Dun Morogh",
  51.     ["1,27,75.8,54.4"]="Gol'Bolar Quarry, Dun Morogh",
  52.     ["1,28,37.9,30.8"]="Thorium Point, Searing Gorge",
  53.     ["1,29,72.14,65.68"]="Morgan's Vigil, Burning Steppes",
  54.     ["1,30,41.7,64.6"]="Goldshire, Elwynn",
  55.     ["1,30,82.39,65.67"]="Eastvale Logging Camp, Elwynn",
  56.     ["1,301,70.9,72.5"]="Stormwind, Elwynn",
  57.     ["1,34,20.97,57.62"]="Raven Hill, Duskwood",
  58.     ["1,34,77.59,44.38"]="Darkshire, Duskwood",
  59.     ["1,341,55.89,47.87"]="Ironforge, Dun Morogh",
  60.     ["1,35,33.94,50.79"]="Thelsamar, Loch Modan",
  61.     ["1,35,83.92,63.69"]="Farstrider Lodge, Loch Modan",
  62.     ["1,36,29.28,53.40"]="Lakeshire, Redridge",
  63.     ["1,36,53.86,55.23"]="Camp Everstill, Redridge",
  64.     ["1,36,77.87,64.82"]="Shalewind Canyon, Redridge",
  65.     ["1,37,48.32,11.98"]="Rebel Camp, Stranglethorn Vale",
  66.     ["1,37,52.62,66.00"]="Fort Livingston, Stranglethorn",
  67.     ["1,38,30.7,34.6"]="The Harborage, Swamp of Sorrows",
  68.     ["1,38,70.0,38.5"]="Marshtide Watch, Swamp of Sorrows",
  69.     ["1,39,42.11,63.30"]="Moonbrook, Westfall",
  70.     ["1,39,50.79,18.79"]="Furlbrow's Pumpkin Farm, Westfall",
  71.     ["1,39,56.64,49.37"]="Sentinel Hill, Westfall",
  72.     ["1,40,09.19,59.30"]="Menethil Harbor, Wetlands",
  73.     ["1,40,38.7,39.0"]="Whelgar's Retreat, Wetlands",
  74.     ["1,40,50.17,18.45"]="Dun Modr, Wetlands",
  75.     ["1,40,55.72,42.04"]="Greenwarden's Grove, Wetlands",
  76.     ["1,40,56.8,71.1"]="Slabchisel's Survey, Wetlands",
  77.     ["1,614,58.18,78.97"]="Darkbreak Cove, Vashj'ir",
  78.     ["1,615,49.13,57.73"]="Tranquil Wash, Vashj'ir",
  79.     ["1,615,57.09,75.55"]="Voldrin's Hold, Vashj'ir",
  80.     ["1,615,57.34,15.81"]="Sandy Beach, Vashj'ir",
  81.     ["1,673,41.67,74.35"]="Booty Bay, Stranglethorn",
  82.     ["1,673,56.60,42.71"]="Explorers' League Digsite, Stranglethorn",
  83.     ["1,700,43.85,57.31"]="Victor's Point, Twilight Highlands",
  84.     ["1,700,48.5,28.1"]="Thundermar, Twilight Highlands",
  85.     ["1,700,56.7,15.1"]="Kirthaven, Twilight Highlands",
  86.     ["1,700,60.38,58.49"]="Firebeard's Patrol, Twilight Highlands",
  87.     ["1,700,81.64,77.02"]="Highbank, Twilight Highlands",
  88.     ["1,465,25.1,37.2"]="Temple of Telhamat, Hellfire Peninsula",
  89.     ["1,465,54.6,62.3"]="Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula",
  90.     ["1,465,87.2,52.3"]="The Dark Portal, Hellfire Peninsula",
  91.     ["1,467,41.2,28.9"]="Orebor Harborage, Zangarmarsh",
  92.     ["1,467,67.86,51.36"]="Telredor, Zangarmarsh",
  93.     ["1,473,37.61,55.48"]="Wildhammer Stronghold, Shadowmoon Valley",
  94.     ["1,475,37.81,61.51"]="Sylvanaar, Blade's Edge Mountains",
  95.     ["1,475,61.09,70.53"]="Toshley's Station, Blade's Edge Mountains",
  96.     ["1,477,54.1,75.0"]="Telaar, Nagrand",
  97.     ["1,478,59.45,55.20"]="Allerian Stronghold, Terokkar Forest",
  98.     ["1,486,56.51,20.75"]="Fizzcrank Airstrip, Borean Tundra",
  99.     ["1,486,58.9,68.2"]="Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra",
  100.     ["1,488,29.1,55.3"]="Stars' Rest, Dragonblight",
  101.     ["1,488,39.5,25.9"]="Fordragon Hold, Dragonblight",
  102.     ["1,488,77.06,49.81"]="Wintergarde Keep, Dragonblight",
  103.     ["1,490,31.3,59.1"]="Amberpine Lodge, Grizzly Hills",
  104.     ["1,490,59.59,26.62"]="Westfall Brigade, Grizzly Hills",
  105.     ["1,491,60.0,16.0"]="Westguard Keep, Howling Fjord",
  106.     ["1,491,59.76,63.24"]="Valgarde Port, Howling Fjord",
  107.     ["1,491,60.0,16.0"]="Fort Wildervar, Howling Fjord",
  108.     ["1,495,40.7,84.5"]="Frosthold, The Storm Peaks",
  109.     ["1,501,72.05,31.05"]="Valiance Landing Camp, Wintergrasp",
  110.     ["1,510,72.1,80.8"]="Windrunner's Overlook, Crystalsong Forest",
  111.     ["1,806,46.0,85.0"]="Paw'Don Village, Jade Forest",
  112.     ["1,806,58.95,83.47"]="Pearlfin Village, Jade Forest",
  113.     ["1,809,57.9,82.4"]="Westwind Rest, Kun-Lai Summit",
  114.     ["1,811,84.75,62.31"]="Shrine of Seven Stars, Vale of Eternal Blossoms",
  115.     ["1,857,25.12,33.48"]="Sentinel Basecamp, Krasarang Wilds",
  116.     ["1,857,67.75,32.48"]="The Incursion, Krasarang Wilds",
  117.     ["1,858,73.65,33.13"]="The Lion's Redoubt, Dread Wastes",
  118.     ["2,101,21.56,74.04"]="Shadowprey Village, Desolace",
  119.     ["2,101,44.2,29.6"]="Furien's Post, Desolace",
  120.     ["2,11,41.96,15.77"]="The Mor'Shan Ramparts, Ashenvale",
  121.     ["2,11,48.6,58.6"]="The Crossroads, Northern Barrens",
  122.     ["2,11,62.87,17.61"]="Nozzlepot's Outpost, Northern Barrens",
  123.     ["2,121,41.4,15.2"]="Camp Ataya, Feralas",
  124.     ["2,121,50.99,48.34"]="Stonemaul Hold, Feralas",
  125.     ["2,121,75.4,44.3"]="Camp Mojache, Feralas",
  126.     ["2,141,35.5,31.8"]="Brackenwall Village, Dustwallow Marsh",
  127.     ["2,161,33.34,77.30"]="Dawnrise Expedition, Tanaris",
  128.     ["2,161,52.01,27.52"]="Gadgetzan, Tanaris",
  129.     ["2,181,14.3,65.0"]="Valormok, Azshara",
  130.     ["2,181,51.93,74.34"]="Southern Rocketway, Azshara",
  131.     ["2,181,52.98,49.88"]="Bilgewater Harbor, Azshara",
  132.     ["2,181,67.23,20.94"]="Northern Rocketway, Azshara",
  133.     ["2,182,56.3,8.6"]="Irontree Clearing, Felwood",
  134.     ["2,241,32.15,66.33"]="Moonglade",
  135.     ["2,241,44.31,45.72"]="Nighthaven, Moonglade",
  136.     ["2,261,52.89,34.68"]="Cenarion Hold, Silithus",
  137.     ["2,281,58.8,48.2"]="Everlook, Winterspring",
  138.     ["2,321,49.5,59.2"]="Orgrimmar, Durotar",
  139.     ["2,362,46.65,49.90"]="Thunder Bluff, Mulgore",
  140.     ["2,4,53.0,43.5"]="Razor Hill, Durotar",
  141.     ["2,4,55.3,73.3"]="Sen'jin Village, Durotar",
  142.     ["2,43,11.1,34.4"]="Zoram'gar Outpost, Ashenvale",
  143.     ["2,43,37.43,42.25"]="Hellscream's Watch, Ashenvale",
  144.     ["2,43,49.2,65.2"]="Silverwind Refuge, Ashenvale",
  145.     ["2,43,73.1,61.5"]="Splintertree Post, Ashenvale",
  146.     ["2,607,39.7,20.2"]="Hunter's Hill, Southern Barrens",
  147.     ["2,607,41.1,70.6"]="Desolation Hold, Southern Barrens",
  148.     ["2,607,41.5,47.6"]="Vendetta Point, Southern Barrens",
  149.     ["2,61,11.22,11.73"]="Westreach Summit, Thousand Needles",
  150.     ["2,81,45.1,30.8"]="Cliffwalker Post, Stonetalon Mountains",
  151.     ["2,81,48.4,61.9"]="Sun Rock Retreat, Stonetalon Mountains",
  152.     ["2,81,53.8,40.0"]="The Sludgewerks, Stonetalon Mountains",
  153.     ["2,81,66.5,62.7"]="Krom'gar Fortress, Stonetalon Mountains",
  154.     ["2,81,70.55,89.39"]="Malaka'jin, Stonetalon Mountains",
  155.     ["2,9,47.90,58.65"]="Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore",
  156.     ["2,16,13.19,34.96"]="Galen's Fall, Arathi",
  157.     ["2,16,68.86,34.11"]="Hammerfall, Arathi",
  158.     ["2,17,17.2,40.0"]="New Kargath, Badlands",
  159.     ["2,17,52.3,50.7"]="Bloodwatcher Point, Badlands",
  160.     ["2,19,43.6,14.2"]="Dreadmaul Hold, Blasted Lands",
  161.     ["2,19,50.91,72.67"]="Sunveil Excursion, Blasted Lands",
  162.     ["2,20,58.89,52.44"]="Brill, Tirisfal Glades",
  163.     ["2,20,83.03,69.87"]="The Bulwark, Tirisfal",
  164.     ["2,21,45.56,42.42"]="The Sepulcher, Silverpine Forest",
  165.     ["2,21,45.98,21.81"]="Forsaken Rear Guard, Silverpine Forest",
  166.     ["2,21,50.8,63.6"]="The Forsaken Front, Silverpine Forest",
  167.     ["2,21,57.8,8.7"]="Forsaken High Command, Silverpine Forest",
  168.     ["2,22,47.00,64.70"]="Andorhal, Western Plaguelands",
  169.     ["2,23,75.00,53.86"]="Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands",
  170.     ["2,24,29.1,64.3"]="Southpoint Gate, Hillsbrad",
  171.     ["2,24,49.0,66.1"]="Ruins of Southshore, Hillsbrad",
  172.     ["2,24,56.02,45.94"]="Tarren Mill, Hillsbrad",
  173.     ["2,24,58.2,26.4"]="Strahnbrad, Alterac Mountains",
  174.     ["2,24,59.6,63.2"]="Eastpoint Tower, Hillsbrad",
  175.     ["2,26,32.38,57.35"]="Hiri'watha Research Station, The Hinterlands",
  176.     ["2,26,81.6,81.8"]="Revantusk Village, The Hinterlands",
  177.     ["2,28,34.8,30.8"]="Thorium Point, Searing Gorge",
  178.     ["2,29,54.1,24.1"]="Flame Crest, Burning Steppes",
  179.     ["2,37,38.96,51.13"]="Grom'gol, Stranglethorn",
  180.     ["2,37,62.4,39.2"]="Bambala, Stranglethorn",
  181.     ["2,38,46.96,55.09"]="Stonard, Swamp of Sorrows",
  182.     ["2,382,63.09,48.32"]="Undercity, Tirisfal",
  183.     ["2,462,44.0,69.6"]="Fairbreeze Village, Eversong Woods",
  184.     ["2,462,46.2,46.7"]="Falconwing Square, Eversong Woods",
  185.     ["2,462,54.38,50.75"]="Silvermoon City",
  186.     ["2,463,46.08,30.55"]="Tranquillien, Ghostlands",
  187.     ["2,614,60.16,56.46"]="Tenebrous Cavern, Vashj'ir",
  188.     ["2,615,50.46,66.38"]="Legion's Rest, Vashj'ir",       
  189.     ["2,615,54.55,65.69"]="Stygian Bounty, Vashj'ir",      
  190.     ["2,615,61.23,28.24"]="Sandy Beach, Vashj'ir",
  191.     ["2,673,35.1,29.2"]="Hardwrench Hideaway, Stranglethorn",
  192.     ["2,673,40.52,73.26"]="Booty Bay, Stranglethorn",
  193.     ["2,684,57.9,8.8"]="Forsaken Forward Command, Gilneas",
  194.     ["2,700,36.8,37.9"]="The Gullet, Twilight Highlands",
  195.     ["2,700,45.75,76.13"]="Crushblow, Twilight Highlands",
  196.     ["2,700,54.1,42.1"]="Bloodgulch, Twilight Highlands",
  197.     ["2,700,73.84,52.81"]="Dragonmaw Port, Twilight Highlands",
  198.     ["2,700,75.35,17.75"]="The Krazzworks, Twilight Highlands",
  199.     ["2,465,27.8,59.9"]="Falcon Watch, Hellfire Peninsula",
  200.     ["2,465,56.2,36.2"]="Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula",
  201.     ["2,465,61.59,81.25"]="Spinebreaker Ridge, Hellfire Peninsula",
  202.     ["2,465,87.3,48.1"]="Hellfire Peninsula, The Dark Portal",
  203.     ["2,467,33.00,51.19"]="Zabra'jin, Zangarmarsh",
  204.     ["2,467,84.7,55.0"]="Swamprat Post, Zangarmarsh",
  205.     ["2,473,30.3,29.1"]="Shadowmoon Village, Shadowmoon Valley",
  206.     ["2,475,52.07,53.85"]="Thunderlord Stronghold, Blade's Edge Mountains",
  207.     ["2,475,76.32,65.79"]="Mok'Nathal Village, Blade's Edge Mountains",
  208.     ["2,477,58.24,36.07"]="Garadar, Nagrand",
  209.     ["2,478,49.25,43.54"]="Stonebreaker Hold, Terokkar Forest",
  210.     ["2,486,39.68,51.45"]="Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra",
  211.     ["2,486,50.29,13.01"]="Bor'gorok Outpost, Borean Tundra",
  212.     ["2,486,77.74,39.68"]="Taunka'le Village, Borean Tundra",
  213.     ["2,488,38.47,46.70"]="Agmar's Hammer, Dragonblight",
  214.     ["2,488,43.88,17.50"]="Kor'kron Vanguard, Dragonblight",
  215.     ["2,488,75.55,62.36"]="Venomspite, Dragonblight",
  216.     ["2,490,23.76,65.21"]="Conquest Hold, Grizzly Hills",
  217.     ["2,490,66.65,46.87"]="Camp Oneqwah, Grizzly Hills",
  218.     ["2,491,26.01,25.02"]="Apothecary Camp, Howling Fjord",
  219.     ["2,491,50.43,10.50"]="Camp Winterhoof, Howling Fjord",
  220.     ["2,491,51.04,69.86"]="New Agamand, Howling Fjord",
  221.     ["2,491,79.03,33.22"]="Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord",
  222.     ["2,495,37.23,50.36"]="Grom'arsh Crash-Site, The Storm Peaks",
  223.     ["2,495,68.80,50.00"]="Camp Tunka'lo, The Storm Peaks",
  224.     ["2,501,21.63,34.87"]="Warsong Camp, Wintergrasp",
  225.     ["2,510,77.98,48.24"]="Sunreaver's Command, Crystalsong Forest",
  226.     ["2,806,28.08,15.58"]="Honeydew Village, Jade Forest",
  227.     ["2,806,28.78,48.99"]="Grookin Hill, Jade Forest",
  228.     ["2,809,62.44,80.71"]="Eastwind Rest, Kun-Lai Summit",
  229.     ["2,810,78.25,63.60"]="Hellscream's Fist, Kun-Lai Summit",
  230.     ["2,811,62.65,21.79"]="Shrine of Two Moons, Vale of Eternal Blossoms",
  231.     ["2,857,28.96,50.41"]="Dawnchaser Retreat, Krasarang Wilds",
  232.     ["2,857,59.23,24.57"]="Thunder Cleft, Krasarang Wilds",
  233.     ["0,101,39.82,28.17"]="Ethel Rethor, Desolace",
  234.     ["0,101,39.0,26.9"]="Ethel Rethor, Desolace",
  235.     ["0,101,57.7,49.7"]="Karnum's Glade, Desolace",
  236.     ["0,101,71.16,32.89"]="Thunk's Abode, Desolace",
  237.     ["0,11,69.1,70.6"]="Ratchet, Northern Barrens",
  238.     ["0,141,42.8,72.4"]="Mudsprocket, Dustwallow Marsh",
  239.     ["0,161,55.8,60.5"]="Bootlegger Outpost, Tanaris",
  240.     ["0,182,43.5,28.6"]="Whisperwind Grove, Felwood",
  241.     ["0,182,44.23,61.94"]="Wildheart Point, Felwood",
  242.     ["0,182,51.50,80.78"]="Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood",
  243.     ["0,201,44.0,40.2"]="Mossy Pile, Un'Goro Crater",
  244.     ["0,201,55.9,64.1"]="Marshal's Stand, Un'Goro Crater",
  245.     ["0,606,19.5,36.4"]="Grove of Aessina, Hyjal",
  246.     ["0,606,27.75,63.51"]="Sanctuary of Malorne, Hyjal",
  247.     ["0,606,41.15,42.67"]="Shrine of Aviana, Hyjal",
  248.     ["0,606,62.19,21.61"]="Nordrassil, Hyjal",
  249.     ["0,606,72.74,76.46"]="Gates of Sothann, Hyjal",
  250.     ["0,61,79.1,71.9"]="Fizzle & Pozzik's Speedbarge, Thousand Needles",
  251.     ["0,720,22.31,64.97"]="Schnottz's Landing, Uldum",
  252.     ["0,720,26.65,08.39"]="Oasis of Vir'sar, Uldum",
  253.     ["0,720,56.26,33.56"]="Ramkahen, Uldum",
  254.     ["0,17,64.95,35.23"]="Fuselight, Badlands",
  255.     ["0,22,44.6,18.4"]="Hearthglen, Western Plaguelands",
  256.     ["0,22,51.52,53.11"]="The Menders' Stead, Western Plaguelands",
  257.     ["0,23,10.90,64.99"]="Thondroril River, Eastern Plaguelands",
  258.     ["0,23,18.4,27.3"]="Plaguewood Tower, Eastern Plaguelands",
  259.     ["0,23,34.8,67.9"]="Crown Guard Tower, Eastern Plaguelands",
  260.     ["0,23,51.28,21.21"]="Northpass Tower, Eastern Plaguelands",
  261.     ["0,23,52.7,53.5"]="Light's Shield Tower, Eastern Plaguelands",
  262.     ["0,23,61.6,43.8"]="Eastwall Tower, Eastern Plaguelands",
  263.     ["0,23,83.8,50.3"]="Acherus: The Ebon Hold",
  264.     ["0,28,40.95,69.28"]="Iron Summit, Searing Gorge",
  265.     ["0,29,17.7,52.7"]="Flamestar Post, Burning Steppes",
  266.     ["0,29,46.1,41.8"]="Chiselgrip, Burning Steppes",
  267.     ["0,38,71.44,12.55"]="Bogpaddle, Swamp of Sorrows",
  268.     ["0,463,73.67,67.13"]="Zul'Aman, Ghostlands",
  269.     ["0,499,47.68,25.36"]="Shattered Sun Staging Area",
  270.     ["0,610,55.73,34.46"]="Smuggler's Scar, Vashj'ir",
  271.     ["0,615,49.41,40.23"]="Silver Tide Hollow, Vashj'ir",
  272.     ["0,700,28.5,24.8"]="Vermillion Redoubt, Twilight Highlands",
  273.     ["0,473,56.2,58.2"]="Sanctum of the Stars, Shadowmoon Valley",
  274.     ["0,473,63.19,30.48"]="Altar of Sha'tar, Shadowmoon Valley",
  275.     ["0,475,61.65,39.60"]="Evergrove, Blade's Edge Mountains",
  276.     ["0,479,33.9,64.0"]="Area 52, Netherstorm",
  277.     ["0,479,45.3,34.8"]="The Stormspire, Netherstorm",
  278.     ["0,479,65.1,66.8"]="Cosmowrench, Netherstorm",
  279.     ["0,481,63.80,41.72"]="Shattrath, Terokkar Forest",
  280.     ["0,486,32.52,34.41"]="Transitus Shield, Coldarra",
  281.     ["0,486,45.06,34.08"]="Amber Ledge, Borean Tundra",
  282.     ["0,486,78.5,51.5"]="Unu'pe, Borean Tundra",
  283.     ["0,488,48.4,74.3"]="Moa'ki, Dragonblight",
  284.     ["0,488,60.2,51.5"]="Wyrmrest Temple, Dragonblight",
  285.     ["0,491,24.6,57.7"]="Kamagua, Howling Fjord",
  286.     ["0,492,19.45,47.83"]="Death's Rise, Icecrown",
  287.     ["0,492,43.8,24.2"]="The Shadow Vault, Icecrown",
  288.     ["0,492,72.60,22.75"]="Argent Tournament Grounds, Icecrown",
  289.     ["0,492,79.35,72.35"]="Crusaders' Pinnacle, Icecrown",
  290.     ["0,492,87.7,78.0"]="The Argent Vanguard, Icecrown",
  291.     ["0,493,25.36,58.24"]="Nesingwary Base Camp, Sholazar Basin",
  292.     ["0,493,50.07,61.33"]="River's Heart, Sholazar Basin",
  293.     ["0,495,30.62,36.39"]="Bouldercrag's Refuge, The Storm Peaks",
  294.     ["0,495,40.7,84.5"]="K3, The Storm Peaks",
  295.     ["0,495,46.01,24.12"]="Ulduar, The Storm Peaks",
  296.     ["0,495,62.56,61.65"]="Dun Niffelem, The Storm Peaks",
  297.     ["0,496,14.0,73.5"]="Ebon Watch, Zul'Drak",
  298.     ["0,496,32.1,74.4"]="Light's Breach, Zul'Drak",
  299.     ["0,496,41.5,64.0"]="The Argent Stand, Zul'Drak",
  300.     ["0,496,60.0,56.7"]="Zim'Torga, Zul'Drak",
  301.     ["0,496,70.45,23.16"]="Gundrak, Zul'Drak",
  302.     ["0,504,72.70,45.68"]="Dalaran",
  303.     ["0,806,43.1,68.4"]="Serpent's Overlook, Jade Forest",
  304.     ["0,806,43.5,24.6"]="Tian Monastery, Jade Forest",
  305.     ["0,806,47.0,46.0"]="Dawn's Blossom, Jade Forest",
  306.     ["0,806,50.8,26.8"]="Emperor's Omen, Jade Forest",
  307.     ["0,806,54.5,61.8"]="Jade Temple Grounds, Jade Forest",
  308.     ["0,806,55.4,23.6"]="Sri-La Village, Jade Forest",
  309.     ["0,806,57.0,44.0"]="The Arboretum, Jade Forest",
  310.     ["0,807,20.19,58.56"]="Stoneplow, Valley of the Four Winds",
  311.     ["0,807,56.42,50.34"]="Halfhill, Valley of the Four Winds",
  312.     ["0,807,70.82,24.28"]="Grassy Cline, Valley of the Four Winds",
  313.     ["0,807,84.5,21.1"]="Pang's Stead, Valley of the Four Winds",
  314.     ["0,809,34.54,59.12"]="Winter's Blossom, Kun-Lai Summit",
  315.     ["0,809,42.76,69.55"]="Kota Basecamp, Kun-Lai Summit",
  316.     ["0,809,43.96,89.58"]="Shado-Pan Fallback, Kun-Lai Summit",
  317.     ["0,809,57.77,59.77"]="One Keg, Kun-Lai Summit",
  318.     ["0,809,62.44,30.09"]="Zouchin Village, Kun-Lai Summit",
  319.     ["0,809,66.3,50.7"]="Temple of the White Tiger, Kun-Lai Summit",
  320.     ["0,809,72.4,94.0"]="Binan Village, Kun-Lai Summit",
  321.     ["0,810,50.0,71.9"]="Shado-Pan Garrison, Townlong Steppes",
  322.     ["0,810,54.2,79.0"]="Rensai's Watchpost, Townlong Steppes",
  323.     ["0,810,71.0,57.3"]="Longying Outpost, Townlong Steppes",
  324.     ["0,810,74.4,81.4"]="Gao-Ran Battlefront, Townlong Steppes",
  325.     ["0,811,14.1,79.1"]="Serpent's Spine, Vale of Eternal Blossoms",
  326.     ["0,857,31.2,63.1"]="Cradle of Chi-Ji, Krasarang Wilds",
  327.     ["0,857,52.4,76.5"]="Marista, Krasarang Wilds",
  328.     ["0,857,76.71,08.49"]="Zhu's Watch, Krasarang Wilds",
  329.     ["0,858,42.60,55.68"]="The Briny Muck, Dread Wastes",
  330.     ["0,858,50.22,12.16"]="The Sunset Brewgarden, Dread Wastes",
  331.     ["0,858,55.82,34.86"]="Klaxxi'vess, Dread Wastes",
  332.     ["0,858,56.12,70.13"]="Soggy's Gamble, Dread Wastes",
  333.     ["0,873,56.65,75.65"]="Tavern in the Mists, The Veiled Stair",
  334. }
  335. local NX_FLIGHT_LOC = { ["1"] = "Alliance Flight", ["2"] = "Horde Flight", ["0"] = "Neutral Flight", }
  336. Nx.NPCData={}
  337. for k, v in pairs(FLIGHT_DATA) do
  338.     local side, zon, x, y = Nx.Split(",", k)
  339.     local name = v
  340.     name = NX_FLIGHT_LOC[side].."|"..name  
  341.     x,y,zon=tonumber(x),tonumber(y),tonumber(zon)                                  
  342.     table.insert(Nx.NPCData, format("%s|%s|%s|%s|%s",side,name,zon,x,y))
  343.     local i = #Nx.NPCData          
  344.     if not Nx.GuideData["Flight Master"][zon] then
  345.         Nx.GuideData["Flight Master"][zon] = format("%s,%s,%s,%s",side,x,y,i)
  346.     else
  347.         Nx.GuideData["Flight Master"][zon]=Nx.GuideData["Flight Master"][zon] .. format("|%s,%s,%s,%s",side,x,y,i)
  348.     end
  349. end
  350. FLIGHT_DATA = nil
  351. NX_FLIGHT_LOC=nil
  352. Nx.FlightConnection=""
I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confidence. Doug McLeod

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One issue in your latest posted fm list

I'm not sure why you posted your version of the lua? I still see that "Pang's Stead, Valley of the Four Winds" is still duplicated (lines N/A and N/A). Is your version of the beta list I was working on now considered completed? Have you already updated all the items which I had annotated; there's no way to tell without annotations. And, why does the code have to be colored red?

EDITED Sep 17, 2013: I see by the new list you must have fixed the Pang's Stead location issue. The line numbers I mentioned above no longer apply. I marked them as "N/A" (Non-Applicable). I didn't know that you'd done that until I looked at the list again today. I still don't know if you checked all the Horde ones? I suppose the list will have to do and be accepted as completed? Nobody has reported any errors. My list was only a BETA version, hoping someone would fill-in what I couldn't do. I changed 147 FM paths to be more correct than the original file.

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It's not my version.. It's yours.
Posted the correct one this time.. It was posting the original from the wrong window >.<

As for the red.. I have no idea, but it did the same for the original. I just paste it with the highlight=lua tag.
I posted it so the layout was put back.. Because in your file all the data part was not indented.
I removed the annotation because it's not hard to find the horde FM's.. I still have your list, but for a prototype test copy it's cleaner...
I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confidence. Doug McLeod

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