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Beta Errors

There are a couple of errors that I get that seem to be known issues and are covered in more detail in other posts.

This one when entering Scenarios:
["message"] = "Interface\\AddOns\\Carbonite\\NxMap.lua:8724: bad argument #2 to 'strsplit' (string expected, got nil)"

and this one when grouping:

Carbonite.Quests-1.0\NxQuest.lua:4440: attempt to compare number with nil when grouping

Rythal, I know you are working on the new version and understand that it is your current focus but do you intend to try and address these errors? You had posted in the other thread that you seem to have an idea about that latter error "cross-realm names in quest sharing". The NxMap error might not be as prevalent. I do not have my maps merged which may be why I see it more often than others. Also, even with the error the maps seems fine in the Scenarios if that helps.
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I know what causes both issue's... and have them fixed in my dev build.. I was hoping to have the next alpha ready by the end of this weekend with the quest changes, if i'm not able to i'll get another one out with the fixes in.

the map one is because when your zoning into the scenario for a small period of time there is no mapid for it to know, which is why the error happens, but then you see the map fine once it does get the correct mapid.

The group one is because I formatted the if statement wrong.
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