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I follow a similar process to Rainrider for AddOns that I consider to be complex enough to warrant revision control. I usually don't bother for things like single-file sound muting packs.

In my computer's .gitconfig file, I create aliases for the only four commands I use on a regular basis:
  • git pgh == git push origin master (push to GitHub, this can usually be done with the GitHub For Windows GUI)
  • git pght == git push --tags origin master (push to GitHub with tags)
  • git pcf == git push curseforge master (push to CurseForge)
  • git pcft == git push --tags curseforge master (push to CurseForge with tags)

When I first create an AddOn, I do the following:
  • Write an AddOn up to an initial alpha state
  • Drag and drop its folder into GitHub For Windows (GFW) to initialise a repository for it
  • Create a commit with the initial code (using the GFW GUI)
  • Add things like a .pkgmeta for CurseForge and LICENSE/README files
  • Create a commit with the new files
  • Publish to GitHub with GFW
  • Create a CurseForge project for the AddOn with a Git repository
  • Open up GFW's Git shell and add the CurseForge repository as the "curseforge" remote
  • Push the changes to CurseForge with git pcf
  • Create a tag using git tag -m "1.00" 1.00
  • Push the tag to CurseForge with git pcft
  • Push the tag to GitHub with git pght
  • Download the packaged ZIP from CurseForge
  • Create a new WoW Interface project for the AddOn and upload the ZIP

When I finish a new version of an AddOn, I do the following:
  • Commit the changes using the GUI
  • Push to GitHub using the GUI
  • Open the shell
  • Create the tag for the new version number
  • Push with tags to GitHub
  • Push with tags to CurseForge
  • Download the packaged ZIP from CurseForge
  • Bring up the WoWI project update page
  • Upload the ZIP
  • Update the description (if necessary)
  • Copy and paste the CurseForge change log into the WoWI change long box and manually apply BBCode styling to it
  • Confirm the update
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