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06-27-06, 08:34 AM   #1
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Best Rogue Setup

I am new to WoW, and I've liked some interfaces I've seen, but WoW is down (stupid servers) and I was wondering if anyone knew the most helpful setup for a Rogue (PvE preferably Dragons for the Dragonscales). It would be greatly appreciated.
Interfaces I like:
Perl Classic

What other AddOns would I need? And would these be effective as a Rogue (someone told me some interfaces are more helpful to certain Classes).

Please say if you know of any helpful Macros as well, once again, I'm new and clueless.

Thanks in advance, Matt

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06-28-06, 02:03 AM   #2
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Hi Matt,

It depends who you ask really, some prefer using as few add-ons as possible while others pack add-ons on their game like there's no tomorrow.

If you're going to solo, or do crowd control in instances, Stun Watch could prove a useful add-on for you as it shows "progress bars" for your gouge, kidney shot and sap abilities, making it easier to predict when a mob will break free. (this doesn't seem to take into account when someone manually breaks the sap though, or if the mob breaks free prematurely).

Enemy castbar is also a very useful mod in that it will (in most cases) show you when a mob is casting a spell, and which spell it's casting - so you can see when it would be a good time to use kick to interrupt the cast (personally i prefer to save kick for a heal cast, if i know the mob is capable of doing that, but my reflexes suck in regards to determining which spell is cast based on the spell effect alone )

Other than that I try to restrict the number of add-ons installed to keep the amount of time spent having to update and muck about with the interface after a patch to a minimum.

Hope this helps any.
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07-09-06, 01:41 PM   #3
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One mod only in my eyes.


Auto-rogue. Removes those Not enough energy warnings that will pop up from hitting the sinister strike key like mad. Burns Adren rush, feint, snd and more! This allows you to hit just about anything with less thought of "do I have enough energy?" crossing your mind every few seconds.

This mod is badly out of date though... Of course since it doesn't rely on much other than being able to use all those abilitys who cares? It works fine as is right now although I'd love to tweak it a bit to just mark it as current so i don't load out of date addons. Just load it, and check the out of date addons box to use it.

DO NOT USE AUTO EXPOSE ARMOR IN RAIDS. You'll kill the tanks sunder effects.
You can turn off most of the effects in it also. Just remember to keep your 5 dot finisher changed for the situation at hand.

I've broken the 200 DPS barrier with it easily. Works easily enough and clears some of the spam on the screen. If you're a stunlocker you can set it to kidney shot at 5 dots. If you're trying to keep it damaged constantly you can use a 5 dot evicerate, or a 5 dot Expose armor in situations without sunder present. Even the damage over time effect.

The big key is it's auto evicerate effect. If your target is nearly dead it'll burn evicerate to kill it. I'm hoping theres a stun/bandage combo effect out there somewhere. We'll just have to wait and see.
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07-09-06, 05:09 PM   #4
Proceritate Corporis
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LazyRogue => Autorogue ( it has the same features and more )
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07-09-06, 10:51 PM   #5
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Originally Posted by ravagernl
LazyRogue => Autorogue ( it has the same features and more )
Completely agree. In my opinion, AutoRogue is the training wheels version of LazyRogue.
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