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04-05-06, 09:51 AM   #1
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A wow site...


This si not realy a UI question but I chose this forum becouse I have to get some grapfics for a web site. Me and a nother guild mate are building a web site and we got an idea to make the site open by clicking on a door...that would start an animation of a casting bar and after that the door would open and then you would get redirected to our site. The problem we have is that we can't find that animation. Could someone help? I found the .blp files of the casting bar but I can't realy use those. I also need the font fore the "Opening" sign on the bar.

Thank you very much for your help!
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02-20-07, 02:15 PM   #2
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I did something like this a while back (2004, roght after the release lol). I have long since deleted the file, but it was an extention of the animations in WoW. Mine was that I had my UD rogue do a eviscerate animation on the opening page. I'll try to find the URL for you, but i reccomend that you find it in your WoW folder as it would be much more stable. GL! (btw, check out etherealguild.com, i believe they have one such animation, but the dialup connection that i'm on right now can't support the website)
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do it yourself

are you using gif animations or flash? either way you could easily do the animation yourself, in flash use masks and a moving background and just stretch the texture for the gif animations. Not hard. if you cant find the animation take a screenshot ingame.
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If you are looking toward a professional looking website, most people would create it using Flash animation. Like most of the interactive gaming sites, most of them are built using Flash. If you only use animated gif, you won't get much attraction out of it due to the fact that you will have to create a lot of layers to create a smooth looking animation, resulting in a huge file size output and slow loading for slow internet users. Also, it will not be as interactive as a Flash website would be like.
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