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reposted warlock talent points

Hello I wondered what is good for warlocks in talent points? Im only L23 right now. I was using demonology but changed to destruction. But wondered other peoples thoughts.

Thanks for replying

now posted in the right place please ignore the other post in chit chat thanks
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that's what mine should be when I hit 70

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My talent spec is mainly Affliction for constant DPS.

Imp Corruption 5/5
Imp Life Tap 2/2
Imp Drain Soul 2/2
Soul Siphon 2/2

Amplify Curse 1/1

Imp CoA 2/2
Fel Concentration 5/5
Nightfall 2/2
Emp Corruption 3/3

CoE 1/1
SL 1/1

(all shadow dmg inc. by 10%) 5/5

Dark Pact 1/1
Imp HoT 2/2

Unstable Affliction 1/1


Fel Stamina(?) 5/5
Imp Imp (lol) 3/3
Imp Healthstone 2/2

(something about imp health by 5%) 5/5


Imp Shadowbolt 5/5

(im missing something out, ill fix it when i get home)

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