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Pick for 1/10: AuctionHouse Mount Preview (new) & PictureThis (new)

Picked by: Seerah - 01-10-16

AuctionHouse Mount Preview:

Searching for a cool new ride on the auction house, but can't decide which to hand over the cash for? With this addon, you can preview what each mount looks like without having to alt-tab out to Wowhead. Looks are the only reason you're buying it after all, right?

Check this small addon out here.


Are you wanting a customized, personal wallpaper of your character for your desktop, but don't want to use an in-game screenshot? This addon builds a wallpaper for you (which you can then take a screenshot of) featuring your character, guild name, pet/demon, and more. Additional features are on the way as to what may be included and what options you may tweak.

Read more about it at its download page.

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