Pick for 12/21: Premade Carbonite Garrisons

Picked by: Seerah - 12-21-14

Premade Filter:

Premade Filters is an addon to help you better find the premade group you are looking for using the new LFG tool. This is an alternative to the finder's built in "Filter" search bar. You can exclude groups that have a certain word in their description, select a specific purpose for the group, even filter by voice chat client.

Check it out here.


I'm sure Carbonite requires no introduction, however I thought that I would point out that, after a long wait by many of you, version 6.0 and its modules have been uploaded for your use. Rythal put many hours into this update. It is a complete rewrite from the ground up, and all of its features have been stripped out into modules so that you only need to install the pieces that you wish to.

You can view the new version and its modules at the Carbonite download category.

Garrison Addons:

Addons to help manage your Garrisons, followers and missions is another thing that many of you have been searching for since WoD went live. There have been enough uploaded to the site that we now have a download category designated solely for these Garrison addons. There you can find addons to watch your follower's health when they accompany you out in the world, addons to manage your various followers and their abilities, mods that will aid you with your Garrison Missions, and even mods that will keep track of when a building has finished being built on one of your alts.

Check out all of the possibilities at our new Garrisons download category.

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