Pick for 1/25: ModMod (new) & ToyPlus (updated)

Picked by: Seerah - 01-25-15


ModMod is a totally rewritten edition of/replacement for the Modified Modifier addon. Gello stripped it down, built it back up, gave it its own UI window and is giving you the ability to have up to 10 ModMod keys! You are no longer limited to having just Ctrl, Alt and Shift as your modifiers. Note: ModMod keys can't be used as "[mod]ifiers" in macros, due to the limitations of the client.

Try out this addon by downloading it here.\


The 6.0 update brought with it a new Toy Box feature, in which to store all of your toys and fun items. ToyPlus gives you a way to quickly and easily access your toys without opening up the Toy Box window and paging through looking for the one you want. ToyPlus allows you to create up to 100 buttons in its window to display your favorite toys to use when the mood is right. As an alternative, ToyPlus may also be used as a Data Broker plugin instead of a standalone window, in which case you are able to use your toys from the plugin's tooltip.

Dust off your toys and put them at your fingertips. Download this addon here.

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