With the introduction of patch 5.0.4 I thought I would revamp my addons and portal pages.

In the process of changing my addons I am introducing a new versioning system. Instead of my original x.xx.xxx system which didn't help the user identify what it was designed for I am switching to the following:

WoW Release . WoW Version . AddOn Update No ( for the 2nd or more updates since that wow version was installed ). Some versions have a data value before the update no but these will be phased out.

EG. XInfo_AltLevel is now
This would show you the user that it was updated with that version in mind and thus you can see at a glance when it was last updated wow version wise and date wise. Hopefully I won't be making more than 99 changes a day haha.

All my addon pages will now point back to here for a centralised point of reference but I will also take account of posts on the addon pages itself.

AddOn Versions
XInfo_AltLevel -
XMage_Portals -
nUI_Infopanel_GuildChat -
nUI_Infopanel_Chat -
nUI_Infopanel_Whispers -

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05-08-09 11:12 AM by: Xrystal
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