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Welcome to Fuliah's Addon Portal! Please use this portal for any bug reports or feature requests!!!

LittleBuddha 1.2.2
By: Fuliah - 01-13-13 07:55 AM
Fuliah's Avatar I have just released a small repackage of Little Buddha v1.2.2 as it was noticed that the zip file had a _MACOSX folder in it. The only difference between v1.2.1 and v1.2.2 is the unnecessary folder has been removed.

LittleBuddha Version 1.2.1
By: Fuliah - 01-12-13 07:24 PM
Fuliah's Avatar I just released LittleBuddha Version 1.2.1 which now includes some minor bug fixes as well as a new status menu. The new status menu will show you which channels are enabled/disabled without having to go and check them one at a time.

Still on my To-Do list:

* Add more message types
* Add a reset command to put you back at the Blizzard defaults
* Add a /clr slash command to clear chat boxes

Welcome to the Portal!
By: Fuliah - 01-12-13 04:34 PM
Fuliah's Avatar Just released is LittleBuddah!