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My addon policy: Why create when you can reuse/repurpose?

And a Bob appears!
By: 10leej - 03-21-14 12:15 AM
10leej's Avatar Sorry for my sudden and unnanounced disapearance. I decided it would be best to stop playing for a bit due to yet more issues with the real life. I'm back and I actually have BobUI v6 nearly completed. Just gotta work out a few more bugs then I'm good to go.

BobUI v6.0
By: 10leej - 12-24-13 11:25 PM
10leej's Avatar So I decided now that I know a bit more about Lua its about time I get around to a full optimization of BobUI so coming in version 6 will essentially be a full rewrite.

I will still focus on keeping as many config options as I can as I believe any add on should. My main focus though will to be to cleanup the overall code and make things a bit easier on myself and it should get even more lightweight CPU wise not certain on memory yet.

I will still support version 5 but I will only release an update if something breaks so I will not be adding any more features.

BobUI Unitframes
By: 10leej - 12-23-13 01:02 PM
10leej's Avatar Currently I'm rewriting the unitframes yet again. Mostly because i'm not satisfied with em, so I'm going to work on a few different methods and see how that works out, updates are gonna come slower for BobUI anyways since we're on the last patch.

An Inconvenient Truth
By: 10leej - 07-02-13 12:11 PM
10leej's Avatar Lost my job, going to have to stop playing WoW for a bit as a result. So even though I haven't done any updates for a bit there's probably not gonna be any more for a bit longer.

If you would like to update my addons let me know I'll add you to the team.

Red Star Acceptance Speech
By: 10leej - 05-26-13 07:10 PM
10leej's Avatar Hello everyone,
Yesterday marked a grand day and a personal milestone for myself.

BobUI finally hit 5000 downloads

Yeah that's really all. I would repeat my lifes story with addons but I covered that in the previous news report.

Best of luck