CogsBar2 Plans
CogsBar2 Planned Features

Here are some of the things in store for the future! This is as much a preview for you as it is a manifesto for me so I don't forget all the things I want to do... 8)

Action Mappings
  • Direct control over action ranges - No more dummy bars to consume actions of existing bars. This will be optional to make it easier to create quick layouts.
  • Additive states - Instead of each state multiplying the number of actions used by the bar, you'll be able to create a single state that overrides the others. For instance, you could recreate the default UI's main bar for a Warrior by having a normal stance set while on action bar 1, but then have additive states for all your other action bars that don't respond to stance.
  • Advanced state control - If you choose, you'll be able to design your state system with extreme precision using the Macro Option syntax laid out in Neuro's sticky on the US UI & Macros forum. For instance, the warrior layout I just mentioned would be implemented like:
    [actionbar:2] 4; [actionbar:3] 5; [actionbar:4] 6; [actionbar:5] 7; [actionbar:6] 8; [stance:1] 1; [stance:2] 2; [stance:3] 3

Bar Visibility
  • State-controlled visibility - You will be able to control bar visibility in the same way you control action mappings. There will also be direct control over visibility via macro options. For instance:
    [combat] [harm] 1; 0
    will show the bar when you're in combat or have a hostile target.
  • Hover - Only show the bar when your mouse is over it.
  • Keypress - Toggle visibility by keypress. Not sure how I'll implement this interface-wise... Perhaps each bar will have a binding that toggles its visibility (bars would be able to share bindings in this scheme).

Bar appearance/layout
  • Button size
  • Button spacing
  • Transparency - Can be tied to certain states.
  • Individual bar locking - Especially useful for anchoring described next...
  • Anchoring - Attach a bar to another bar. You'll be able to move the child independently, but when you move the parent all its children will be along for the ride.

  • Action map - See at a glance what actions you have in every slot to help plan your bar mapping.
  • Create and manage bars with ease

Miscellaneous Features
  • Templates - Use built-in or create your own templates for state configurations and appearance options.
  • Live bar changes - No more reloading the UI to change your configuration. You will even be able to add mappings to already existing bars.
  • Copy entire configurations - If you use basically the same setup on all your characters, this will be very handy. You'll be able to choose just the button layout or both layout and state mapping.
  • Hide the main bar - While I won't make any effort to recreate the pet, bag, menu, or XP bars, you will have the option of hiding the main bar in its entirety. There are many capable mods out there for recreating these things. I personally use BagFu, MicroMenuFu, CT_BottomBar & XPBarNone.