WoW Manager 2 Changelog
Legend: + Added - Removed * Fixed/Changed

* Finished Backup Manager (open Backups Folder, Notification if Backup was successful, Restore Backups, improved Progress Info)
+ Added Buttons to create Shortcuts on Desktop, Quicklaunch Bar and Autorun folder to Settings
+ Locked all Buttons under certain circumstances (for example when creating a Backup)
* Menu on top is working now (Icons are still corrupted but will be fixed soon™)
* Revamped About Screen (replaced Facebook Like-Button because it did not work well)

+ Added Facebook Like-Button to About Screen
+ Added ReadMe.txt and Changelog to About Screen
+ Added Backup Manager (Restore Backups not finished)
+ Added Cancel button above Progress bar (lower right)
+ Added Update Check on Startup (enabled via Settings)
* Changed WoW Manager 2 archive format from .rar to .zip

v0.0.2.1 - Initial Release
First public Alpha Preview to test core features of new Runtime-Engine
+ Launch WoW or the Launcher
+ Clear Creaturecache.wdb (used by addons to find rare mobs via cachescan)
+ Post messages on Twitter (Tweet it! - basic implementation)
+ Open