WoW Manager Changelog
v1.10.1 (08.11.2006) - Hotfix
- Removed the DEBUG Message when clicking on a RSS Newsfeed link

v1.10.0 (08.11.2006)
- Updated the RunTime Engine (general performance and stability improvements)
- Fixed some typos and minor issues in the code
- Added Support for "The Burning Crusade" Beta (Launch Button)
- Added Links for TBC Beta Addons in the "Links" section
- Improved PTR Testclient detection (WoWM will not minimize if no Client is installed)
- Added new link for and changed to
- Updated Database Search link for (now hosted on
- Time between Server Status Checks has been increased from 1 to 5 Minutes
- The "1st Launch Welcome Message" is no longer hidden behind the Server Status images
- Updated the RSS Newsfeed
- Removed embedded Addon Search for (new search engine not supported, yet)
- Added Downloads for "WoW Addon Compilation Creator" and "WoW Screenshot Manager" if not installed - just click the Button
- Fixed minor issue of the "Launch with Windows" feature (was shown as active until set for the first time)
- Added new RightClick Menu to the TrayIcon
- Links from RSS Newsfeeds should be opened in your default browser instead of Internet Explorer now
- Updated Link for "Update Check" and removed support for my "Tool Updater" for now (may be added again later)
- Updated "Official Links" in the Menu and added spanish links and TBC Beta Forums
- Added two template images in the "Skin" Folder with the position of all Buttons
- Changed a few things on the "About" Screen
--- Updated and Added ReadMe.txt and changelog.txt to the "About" Screen
- Improved the "Show important News and Updates on Startup" Feature to show them only once until updated (active by default now)
--- Rightclick on the "News" button on top to show them even if the 'Show on Startup' Feature (in Preferences) is disabled

v1.9.3 (01.06.2006)
- fixed display of ServerStatus Images (now visible on "News" Screen only)
- Updated Menu (on top) and added new Links: WoW Forums (EU/US) + PTR Charcopy
- Added new Button: Launch WoW Testclient
- Added new Button: Delete WoW Testclient
- some minor code improvements (Startup)
- fixed some very minor typos (word corrections)
- WoW Manager will be minimized after one of the following actions:
--- Launch WoW, Blizzard-Launcher or PTR Client
- Added new Setup-Routine with Uninstall Option (System Settings > Installed Software)

v1.9.2 (17.05.2006)
- Added Server Status Check for two servers (just click on the image and enter the name)

v1.9.1 (16.05.2006)
- Added Button to add RSS Newsfeed from - Your source for everything about WoW and other Blizzard games!
- Added option to show "important News and Updates"
- fixed Linkbutton (hiding did not work)
- fixed display of "Launch with Windows" status (was not checked after launching WoW Manager again)
- minor fix for stored version number (Bl4ckSh33p's Tool Updater)

v1.9.0 - (25.04.2006)
- new Search Option: Official PvP-Rankings for Servers in Europe!
- new Search Option: Official PvP-Rankings for Servers in the USA!
- redesigned the GUI
- GUI is now skinnable
- added more WoW related Links
- added support/launchbutton for Blizzard-Launcher
- fixed and added "Clear List"-Buttons (to clear Combo-Box entries)
- "Update Check" launches my Tool Updater now, if installed
- New Option: Launch on Windows Startup

v1.8.1 (06.02.2006)
- renamed "Search Items" to "Search in Database"
- fixed some very minor typos (Changes)
- changed URL of "Update Check" to Bl4ckSh33p's Tool Updater
- added auto-detection of WoW Screenshot Manager (must be v0.9.0 or higher)
- added support for Bl4ckSh33p's Tool Updater

v1.8 (19.12.2005)
- moved WoW Manager to System Tray (as TrayIcon)
- added WoW-Rankings Search
- fixed Window Title on Prefs > Buttons
- moved some configfiles into the DATA folder
- fixed some typos (Tooltips)

v1.7 (22.10.2005)
- added Splash-Screen
- changed background color
- added Link to Download page (Check Updates)
- moved Changes to About Screen and added ambient sound
- added command line arguments for "Launch WoW"-Button

v1.6 (19.10.2005)
- updated Menu Bar
- changed some colors and GUI elements
- re-colored Application Icon
- added 2 new Custom Buttons
- moved TS2 and Ventrilo Links to Preferences.
- added "Always-On-Top" feature
- added ServerStatus Links

v1.5 (15.10.2005)
- added list of changes
- added link: WoW Cartographe
- removed some unnecessary variables (Ventrilo)
- added Ventrilo Settings (Server, Channel, Login)*
- modified xFire"-Button to launch xFire if Search is empty
- improved Ventrilo Launchbutton (you don't have to search for the .exe anymore)*

* Thanks to DaVinci :)

v1.4 (14.10.2005)
- added item search of WoW-Handwerk
- added link:
- added official WoW Websites and ServerStatus pages

v1.3 (09.10.2005)
- the last 10 search strings for AddOn and Item search are now saved (combobox)
- fixed tooltips for TS2 input fields
- minor code improvements

v1.2.1 (09.10.2005)
- fixed tooltip for "Search Items" input field
- fixed TS2 Settings - they will be shown now after restarting WoW Manager
- fixed small issue with RSS Reader not showing Feeds if the RSS Feed above could not be read

v1.2 (08.10.2005)
- added settings for TeamSpeak 2 channel
- added Ventrilo Support
- added xFire Support
- added item search (thottbot, allakhazam, blasc)
- redesigned and improved the GUI
- added little EasterEgg
- changed installer routine

v1.1 (26.09.2005)
- Problems with reading some RSS formats should be fixed now
- Bug with multiple news entries should be fixed now

v1.0 (25.09.2005)
- initial release