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04-19-15 03:36 PM by: Gethe

8.1 r12


For this update, the biggest change is to fonts. The standard font has been split into two, Normal and Header. The normal font is used in ~90% of the UI for things like the Objectives Tracker, gossip text, and nameplates that don't have a health bar. The header font is used in places you might expect to see a header like as the title of quests or garrison missions.

In addition to this, the default normal font has been changed to Roboto-Regular, with the header font set to Roboto-Slab. The default chat font was also changed to Roboto-Condensed. These fonts are actually in the same family as the previous font, but with a lighter weight. Finally, FreebTip has been updated to always use the "normal" font as set in the RealUI options.

These changes were made primarily to provide better support for asian and russian character types, as well as increase readability and variety. That said, if you have previously changed your fonts, those changes will remain. For those that would prefer to use the old fonts, you can do so in the Advanced Options (/realadv -> Fonts).

Lastly, KuiNameplates made its own changes to fonts as well. Be sure to update it to the latest version.

Raid Tools

The other big change is to the Compact Raid Frame Manager (CRFM). The Raid Utility frame that was at the top of the screen has been removed and the CRFM has been given a new skin in order to fit in with the rest of the UI. I've also added some logic that will move it slightly to ensure that it doesn't overlap the minimap's info texts.

The raid frame filter buttons have been removed since they are only relevant to those using the Blizz raid frames. If you are using the Blizz raid frames, the filter buttons can be brought back by disabling a new checkbox in the Advanced Options (/realadv -> Modules -> Minimap -> Information).

Finally, The CRFM will only show if you can actually do something with it. This means unless you have the previously mentioned option disabled, it will only be visible if you have permission to set raid icons, initiate ready checks, etc. (eg. Leader or assist).


The original author for Astrolabe has been inactive for quite a while, but recently a few highly skilled addon authors (read: not me) came together to update the aging library. This update is aimed at fixing the errors many people have been seeing, most specifically in the garrison mine.


AuraTrackers for Rupture, Slice and Dice, and Wind Mushrooms have been updated. If there are other auras that don't behave in a useful way, or if there is a buff or debuff that you think should be tracked but isn't let me know. I don't have enough time to know each spec well enough to know what buffs or debuffs are or aren't useful.

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