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    PetAssit is a light weight addon that reminds you to turn Growl on and off dependign on if you are in a group or not, PetAssist is diffent from most other addons like this because it will check the state of Growl everytime you enter combat not just when you join a group/raid. It will also let you know that you need to feed your pet, as well as give you a heads up when your pets health is low so you can toss a life saving heal in.


    I am intergrating PetAssist into a new addon I am working on called HunterAssist that will cover more aspects of a Hunters life. Once I have a working vertion available for download I will no longer be supporting PetAssist. If you do not want all the extras that Will be available with HunterAssist you will be able to disable them and only use the standard PetAssist functions. I hope everyone will check it out when it comes out.