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    HunterAssist - The newest addon I am currently working on.

    The design Ideas behind this addon are as follows.

    It will incorperate all of the functionality of PetAssist.
    I also plan to have it track your aspects and alert you to situations where you may want to change them such as entering combat with Aspect of the Pack on, Alert you to Low Mana and suggest you change to Aspect of the Viper and once you mana is back up remind you to change back to Aspect of the Hawk. there are some of the Ideas I have in mind. I may also have a low ammo/Arrow warning alert you when you are at a set level of ammo, I plan to make most alerts configurable such as when you reach x mana alert to viper until i have n mana, then alert me to change back. I could Always use a beta tester or 2 if anyone is interested let me know.