The addons I make are done so to fill a desired function in my own UI. I'm happy to present these addons to the rest of the community in the case that y'all might find use of them yourselves. If so, I'm glad I was able to help out.

As with most developers, the releases you find here by myself are what I considered to be stable. Of course, they may have bugs, and I encourage you to let me know about any you happen to find via my GoogleCode issue tracker. If you're looking for my UNstable releases, I offer read access to my public SVN.

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12-31-09 05:20 AM by: recluse
For whatever reason, the runes in the oUF layout I use never quite worked properly, and recently stopped working. I have no idea why it happened, and I'm not an oUF expert, so I decided I really needed to get something to watch my rune cooldowns. Playing blind worked, but just plain sucked.

I tried several other monitors that others had written, but I did not like any of them. They all seemed to use progress bars or cooldown spirals to represent when a rune would be ready. For myself, this just would not do, and so I chose to just go ahead and make my own rune cooldown monitor addon.

I knew I wanted a numerical cooldown representation. The action bar addons I use all provide this, and I personally have found it a lot easier to know when something would be off cooldown. "3" makes more sense to me than having to think of how long "[=====____]" would take to be ready.

Also, to be sure I noticed when they were done, I also knew I would need a stark difference between hot runes and cold runes.

Out of all of the other addons I tried out, none of them gave me these two basic concepts. The end result is my new addon RecRunes, which I uploaded here for others to use if they enjoy this sort of thing.
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06-28-09 08:34 PM by: recluse
Well, for the eleventybillionth time, a guild member had to take several minutes to figure out his average item level for a Flame Leviathan attempt, and so I conceded to write a small utility to assist players in finding out what their average is. I called it AILment, and all it does it show your average item level on your character's information panel. Now players do not have to whip out the calculator to find out the value. I'm not sure if anything like this already existed (I wouldn't doubt it), but in the event that there is not, there is now. The usefulness is not limited to simply Flame Leviathan - several vehicles in the game scale with item level, and with the changes coming to Wintergrasp, it could help in there as well.
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05-25-09 06:32 PM by: recluse
It'll be quite some time until I'm ready to re-release it, but I have finally put together a -very- basic (read: no features) version of it now. It's been a long time coming, and I hope to have enough time to get it back on par with where it once was. No guarantees, though.

For now, the new NiHao will gather cash drops, and compute vendor buy back values of items. There is an option to use Auctioneer data, but it is buggy at the moment with actually getting data. It'll still revert back to vendor prices if it gets nothing from Auctioneer, though.

There are no sessions to be stored currently, which means you'll lose everything if you log out or reload your UI. However, there is the ability to reset the data via slash command.

If you're anxious and love the addon, then you can snag a copy from my SVN, of course. You can get it here.

A few things to note. First, I know it 'seems' rather large currently, but compared to the old NiHao, it is quite small. The bulk of it currently is the fact that I've embedded the ItemPrice-1.1 library into the actual code for now. This will likely change, of course.

There are not many slash commands available to it currently, but some basic functionality is present. Use /nihao or /nh to issue a command.

/nh move on|off|reset - allows dragging the frame to move it.
/nh reset - resets cash, item, and time data.
/nh auctioneer on|off - allows querying of item values from Auctioneer addon.
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05-17-09 12:26 PM by: recluse
I uploaded an addon named LootWatch, which is currently just a fixed version of the long gone addon LootPlan. LootPlan hadn't been updated since 2006, and I honestly can't even find a place to download it anymore. It worked for me up until patch 3.1, when changes to the QuestWatchFrame broke it.

I fixed up the code enough that it runs again, and renamed it so no one would be confused, thinking the original was still being worked on. As it stands, it is in fact just like the original, though I plan on reworking the code quite a bit when I have time (ugh).

I know there must be some fans of this addon out there, since it's one of those that stuck by me for the past 3 years, and wanted to make it available to them again, because I certainly would have been missing it something fierce.
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05-12-09 10:16 AM by: recluse
I've been working on several more addons for the Recluse___ series of addons. Currently only two of them have made it to an acutal release here on WoWInterface. These addons were created because I was so tired of the memory footprint of FuBar. While many of the FuBar plugins I was using to provide the same functionality worked great, they contained so many extra features, it was ridiculous for me to continue using them.

This isn't to say that FuBar or their plugins are bad addons - I just wanted something simpler/lighter.

With my real life and raiding schedule ever since I hit 80 back in November or so, I haven't had much time to do a lot of coding, but I tinker with it here and there.

I'm quite close to releasing my durability addon at long last. I just have a single feature to add to it before I declare it ready. The same goes for my clock addon as well, though it's priority is very low on the list.