Hi. Welcome to my Portal. Not too much going on here, but it was on offer, so ........
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07-18-16 01:47 PM by: jeffy162
This notice is to inform everybody that only SOME of the plug-ins that I do will get updated. Some of the plug-ins will not need updating, other than a new "## Interface:" number in the .toc, and those will get updated ......... whenever. I will check all of my plug-ins (when I get time - which means they will not be checked immediately) to make sure that they work, but, let me say right now that if the main addon author does not update (IF it is absolutely necessary [IE: the addon doesn't work in the expansion without an update]) then my plug-in for that addon simply cannot be updated.

With that being said; I would like to thank everybody that has installed my plug-ins: Thank You.
Well, I screwed up something, AGAIN!!! I added new graphics to the addon, but (as it turns out) they were messed up. So ... I fixed them and uploaded the fixed addon just now. I uploaded some new screen shots right away (something I forgot to do with the first update). ENJOY! SHEESH!
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11-29-15 05:36 PM by: jeffy162
Well, I've finally updated my "experimental" Masque skin.

I've added new graphics and fixed a problem with it. I noticed that the "whole" button graphic never showed up, so I had a look at the Masque button attributes again. I realized that I made a mistake in the attributes for the "normal" layer. I straightened that out, and the "normal" layer appears ..... well .... "normal", now. So it shows up as whole, or broken, for however many buttons you have showing. Well, if you are using an action bar addon anyway. As usual, this does not work with default action bars as Masque does not work with them. Sorry.
I've decided to release an experimental skin for Masque. It is called "Broken". It has seven (7) action bar button surrounds - one whole button and six . . . pieces. Therefore - Broken. It has a "Highlight", "Pushed", "Equipped" or "Border" (what it is officially called in Masque), and "Gloss" layers, but the "Normal" layer (the button surround) is the one that is "broken". It's all in the Lua file (that makes every Masque skin work). Oh, and there are two background layers, so you can have a full background showing for "empty" (unused) buttons or just a shadowy background. Either way there's going to be a background showing on empty buttons. You can comment this out in the Lua.

I hope you enjoy the skin!
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09-26-15 09:03 AM by: jeffy162
I've updated "Masque_ClassButtons"!!!
I made some spelling errors and missed them. FOR THIS LONG!!!!
BUT, someone (not me) found them. I've fixed them. They won't make any difference to the way your Class Buttons looks, or works, but there aren't any spelling "errors" in it now.