Hi. Welcome to my Portal. Not too much going on here, but it was on offer, so ........
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09-26-15 09:03 AM by: jeffy162
I've updated "Masque_ClassButtons"!!!
I made some spelling errors and missed them. FOR THIS LONG!!!!
BUT, someone (not me) found them. I've fixed them. They won't make any difference to the way your Class Buttons looks, or works, but there aren't any spelling "errors" in it now.
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08-26-15 05:44 AM by: jeffy162
Well, it's finally happened. My "Masque_Dark" plug-in has 5,000 total downloads, so it is considered "popular". Not bad! Who'd have thunk it - I made something popular! SHEESH!

Thank you all of you who have downloaded it. I hope you get some enjoyment from it.
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07-02-15 12:14 PM by: jeffy162
Well, I got my computer back yesterday. I don't have it all set up yet but I've managed to update all of my plug-ins for Masque and Minimap Button Frame. Fast turn - around for warranty work at HP!
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06-30-15 12:10 PM by: jeffy162
I'm sorry, but I've had a problem with my computer and have had to send it back to HP (YAY! It's still under warrenty!). So, no updates to my plug-ins. As soon as I get it back, and have it set up, I'll update my plug-ins (but they should work fine without it). (By-the-way, I'm posting this from my cell phone.)
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04-24-15 08:57 AM by: jeffy162
Well, I finally did it. I made a ROUND ClassButtons plug-in for masque. Not bad, either. It only took me around SIX YEARS or so. Hopefully, it's likeable.

EDIT: I updated the .toc file with the information from WoWInterface. Nothing more. /EDIT