How to report a bug
How to report an addon bug

Before reporting a bug, there are a few quick troubleshooting steps you can try that might even fix the problem right away, but will at least give you some useful info to include in your report.

Remember, the more information you can give me, the faster I can find and fix the bug!

1. Make sure you have the latest version of the addon.

If the addon doesn't have an in-game About panel, you can find out which version you have by opening the "AddonName.toc" file inside its addon folder in Notepad. (For example, if you're looking for Grid's version number, you'd open the "Grid.toc" file.)

If in doubt, delete the addon, download a fresh copy, and reinstall it to make sure.

2. See if the problem happens when all other addons are disabled.

Log out of your character, click the AddOns button in the lower left, click the Disable All button, and then find the addon in the list and enable it (but not any others). This is important because I have no way to know whether your other addons are all up to date, how you have them set up, etc. so if the problem is a conflict between addons, it may be impossible for me to find and fix it without your help!

3. See if the problem happens with the addon's default settings.

If the addon has a profile system, you can just switch to a new profile. If the addon does not have a profile system, log out of the game, find the addon's saved variables file(s), and rename or delete it/them. Saved variables files may be in one or both of these locations:
  • World of Warcraft > WTF > Account > AccountName > SavedVariables > AddonName.lua
  • World of Warcraft > WTF > Account > AccountName > RealmName > CharacterName > SavedVariables > AddonName.lua

4. Check to see if the bug was already reported

Check the addon's bug tracker to see if the bug was already reported. If it was, feel free to add more information by commenting on the bug, but please don't submit another report about the same bug.

5. Report the bug!

Submit a new ticket in the bug tracker. Copy this list into your ticket and fill in as much of the information as you can:
  • What version of the addon are you using? (eg.
    If you’re not sure, check the addon’s in-game About panel or its AddonName.toc file.
  • What version, region, and language are you playing WoW in? (eg. 3.3.5 US English)
    If you’re not sure about the version, check the WoW login screen.
  • What is your character's race, class, spec, and level?
  • What is the problem? Be specific! Too much detail is better than too little.
  • What steps can I follow to reproduce the problem?
  • Does the problem happen when all other addons are disabled?
  • Is there an error message related to the problem? If so, what is it?
    Please DO NOT include any lists of local variables or installed addons that your error display may add!

If the problem is graphical, or you aren't sure your description is clear enough, upload a screenshot and include the link in your ticket.

If the addon is a plugin for another addon, you should also include the name and version of the parent addon. For example, if you are reporting a bug in a DataBroker plugin, you should include the name and version of your DataBroker display.

If the problem only happens with other addons enabled, take a few minutes to enable your other addons one at a time until you figure out which addons are conflicting, and then include the other addon's name and version.

If the problem only happens with your settings (but not with default settings), please upload your saved variables file(s) and include the links in your ticket, so I can load your settings and figure out why they are causing a problem.

6. Other notes

If you have more than one bug to report, please submit a separate ticket for each bug. Lumping multiple bugs together in one ticket defeats the purpose of a ticket system, since I can't

Remember to check on your ticket after a few days, in case I may need more information from you in order to find and fix the problem!