By: belgann - 08-27-07 04:38 PM
belgann's Avatar Hello

I have come to the realization that my UI is extremely specific, mostly due to the strict setup of eePanels. In order for every resolution to work I need to manually reformat the right side panels.

My question is:

What resolution would you like to see bgUI? I did add a 1024x768 widescreen version last night, but Im afraid that isn't enough.

Also, if you are experienced with eepanels and would like to format it your self you are welcome to do so, I humbly ask that you would give me the wtf folder if you choose to do so.



My new site!
By: belgann - 08-27-07 03:05 PM
belgann's Avatar Thanks for coming to the bgui portal.

The biggest thing I need right now is recommendations for my ui.

Any obvious addons missing?
Color scheme?
Install problems?
Bar setup?

And anything else you can think of.

Thanks for stopping by!

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