Welcome to EVmaker's author portal. From here you can find information about any addons I've made or worked on, as well as more easily post bug reports or feature requests which can be easily tracked. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy and find use out of what I've done.
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08-29-13 08:24 PM by: EVmaker
I apologize for the lack of updates to the mods for a long while, I have just not had the time to really play WoW for a good while, and what time I have was mainly when coerced to help for a raid.

That said, I will not let my mods simply die out, when I started out coding them I wanted something that I and anyone else that could find them useful could use them that would be frequently updated or at least always up to date and bug free for the newest version of WoW, and I intend to keep to that.

I have the newest (and bug fixed in one case) versions of XPGain and SkillPayBills released already.

I know that there are alot more people that have used and would want Looter and UE, but those take a bit more time (especially since there are some changes I'm making to UE which I hope will help in the long run, such as having /ue list missingmounts to get a list of all mounts that a person has that are not currently supported by UE, instead of having the missing mounts show up in the same big long list as all the others).

I'm also making another pass through the professions to try and make sure I have all the mats added in that I might have missed for Looter, and a pass through mounts to try and make sure there won't be anything to see in the above mountsmissing.

Lastly, due to not having that much time, I have to put a hiatus on feature requests, if you have something that you think would be useful for you and/or others, do post it in the feature requests here on the portal, if it's something I do believe would helpfull, I will flag it for a future version for when I can do them again. If it's something that would be simple, or that is already on the list (cross-realm functionality for UE by kittykatmax) I will try to get it added despite the hiatus on them.
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03-20-13 08:50 AM by: EVmaker
I've started a new bug listing in the bug reports section of the portal called Missing Mount ID's, it will be the place where if you ever notice one of your mounts is not being recognized by Useful Extras that you can leave a comment there with the mount name (and mount ID if possible, /ue list mounts will tell you any missing ID's).

I usually can get them all updated myself and noone needs to worry about it, but if I've missed one or whatnot, please feel free to post it there.
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03-17-13 11:52 PM by: EVmaker
Looter and Useful Extras have been updated, I still have some work to do on them so there will be another update in a couple days with the Pandarian fish for Looter and all the new mounts for UE, but other then that they should be good.

I'll also be getting SkillsPayBills and XPGain updated shortly as well but that will probably be tomorrow.
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08-30-12 10:10 PM by: EVmaker
As may be easily guessed, for awhile now I had stopped playing wow, I was however keeping an eye on my mods so if there were any glaring bugs that cropped up I was ready to renew to fix them, but until 5.0.4 all of them pretty much worked still except for a couple issues (a bug with releasing on death with Useful Extras, the partyexp feature to see other party members experience in XPGain) which I kept note of.

5.0.4 like with alot of other mods however broke a good number more things, I've released 5.0.4 compatible versions of Useful Extras, Looter, SkillsPayBills and XPGain, all of them except UE are simply fixes for any outstanding bugs and a TOC update.

Useful Extras I've been meaning for a while to make a way that I/Others could easily tell if one of their mounts is or isn't currently supported by UE, so now when you do /ue list mounts, if a mount isn't it will have a "..Not Supported! ID: #" under it, if you see that then please send me the ID and I can add it right to the list.

Most mounts should be supported already, I've been keeping that up for the most part, but some of the mounts added since my Hiatus may not be, the next version I'll make a thorough pass to find any I don't already have listed.

All that said, I am playing WoW again, so the mods should be getting semi-regular updates again and some new features (I really do intend to make some decent GUI's for all the mods, I just am not a visual person, I work much better with code, but it's on the top of the Todo list of most of the mods)
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06-11-11 12:03 PM by: EVmaker
Hey anyone that might read this, I apologize for the very big lack of updates for the past while, I did take a vacation from wow for a good amount of time but I am back and I'm already in the process of getting the 'main four' (Looter/UE/SkillsPayBills and XPGain) updated and released.

All four already work fine in 4.1, but I'm getting their TOC updates, as well as any major bug fixes/feature requests that were waiting since I took the wow vacation, UE and Looter are already waiting approval, the other two should be ready by the end of the day (mainly TOC updates).

For anyone that does see this I have a question, EasyShards and SimpleViperWarning are past their time of use short of being redesigned which I don't see as necessary at the moment, but are HealthPercents and PVPTimer still used or wanted?

I do plan to update those two as well at least once or twice more regardless, but if there isn't really any need for them I might add them to the list with EasyShards and SVW.